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HUF may refer to:

Usage examples of "huf".

Tip and Huf - which were Laria's mental tag for her 'dinis had taken holds on Laria's stirrups to assist them up this steepest part of the climb.

Constantly surrounded from birth by adult Mrdinis, and then young Tip and Huf, she had absorbed posture and sounds just as any child learns another language from early exposure.

When they were younger, she'd occasionally put Tip and Huf up on Saki, Tip in front where she could hold on to it, and Huf riding pillion behind, its fingers latched tightly to her belt.

Once she had scraped, they sliced, Tip and Huf twitching their upper torsos happily, their 'heads' bent so that their single poll eyes were focused on what their hands were doing.

Laria did not know if Tip and Huf were the young of her parents' Flk and Trp: she didn't know if FIk and Trp were birth pairs, or had paired off by mutual choice when mature.

Tip clicked encouragingly at her while Huf slid open a window and started crackling at the nearby fliers who then did make way for the sledge.

She signed to Mur that she couldn't beat Tip and Huf either but that didn't much appease them.

At the same time, Tip and Huf had been informed by the Aurigaean Mrdini chief and their joy to be going home was expressed in the form of incredible joyous acrobatics of such complexity that everyone in the Raven-Lyon household stopped whatever they were doing to see their display.

Tip and Huf had gathered attendants: much the same coloration as they were, so Laria figured they might be related.

Then she saw Huf make amusement signs and so she felt able to grin up at the big 'Dini.

Tip and Huf wiggled with amusement at the near misses and flicked signs at her, crackling at their kin who apparently were more concerned about the situation.

She waited a second to see what Trip and Huf would do and felt their pressure on her feet.

She glanced furtively at Tip and Huf and realized that they were 'blues'.

Tip and Huf had been unable to explain the ramifications but she'd been promised full instruction once she arrived on Clarf.

Tip, Huf, and the other 'Dinis - all too well aware of her dislike - took over the hospitality duties, bringing forward 'Dini seating while Vanteer and Lionasha served the fruity juices which Laria imported from Terra, knowing how much 'Dinis liked them.