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HRB may refer to:

  • HRB (gene)
  • HRB Systems, an American defense contractor
  • Boeing HRB, an American helicopter
  • Croatian Revolutionary Brotherhood (Croatian: )
  • FBI Human Resources Branch, part of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • H&R Block, a U.S. tax preparation and personal finance management company
  • Hazard reduction burning, also known as controlled burn
  • Harbin Taiping International Airport, in Heilongjiang, China
  • Health Research Board, an Irish research support quango
  • House of Responsibility in Braunau am Inn, a political project to be installed in Hitler's house
  • HRB, a Rockwell scale used to measure the hardness of materials
  • High-speed rotary bonder, see: High Speed Strap Attach Machine
HRB (gene)

Arf-GAP domain and FG repeats-containing protein 1 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the AGFG1 gene.