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n. (plural of ho English)


HOS may refer to:

  • Croatian Armed Forces (Independent State of Croatia) (Croatian: ), active during World War II
  • Croatian Defence Forces (Croatian: ), the military arm of the Croatian Party of Rights (1991–1993)
  • Croatian Volleyball Federation (Croatian: )
  • Hammer of the Scots (board game)
  • Head of the Schuylkill Regatta, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Head of state
  • Hearts of Space, an American radio program
  • Hellenic Ornithological Society
  • Higher-order statistics
  • Ho Chi Minh City sign language
  • Holt–Oram syndrome
  • Home Ownership Scheme, in Hong Kong
  • Hoosier Southern Railroad
  • Hornbeck Offshore Services
  • Book of Hosea, part of the Hebrew Bible
  • Hours of service
  • House of Staunton, an American chess equipment manufacturer
  • Humanistische Omroep, a Dutch broadcaster
  • Sikorsky HOS, a helicopter

Usage examples of "hos".

The side street was gloomy, deserted except for Beery Hosner and the man with the uncanny hand.

No onlooker could have told whether or not the hand actually touched Beery Hosner.

Beery Hosner earlier in the night because Beery had taken the strange goggles with the intention of selling them to this same remarkable bronze man.

Man wanted for the murder of Beery Hosner, a man with a police record.

He is supposed to have waved his right hand at Beery Hosner, an the man dropped dead.

On the inability of NATO air forces to do any significant harm to the Serbian ground forces, see Hosmer, ibid., pp.

NATO air forces to do any significant harm to the Serbian ground forces, see Hosmer, ibid., pp.

Now, if he had borrowed my money, or if he had married me and got my money settled on him, there might be some reason, but Hosmer was very independent about money and never would look at a shilling of mine.

Besides, it is a useless expense, for how could you possibly find this Hosmer Angel?

James Windibank wished Miss Sutherland to be so bound to Hosmer Angel, and so uncertain as to his fate, that for ten years to come, at any rate, she would not listen to another man.

Indigenous religions were represented by xenotheologians who had studied in the field among the Glothee and the Hosmer, and at a respectful distance from the Porsa, who could not, in any case, be said to have any religion beyond what a few researchers had called, not indefensibly, Holy Shit.

Hosmer Fenwick, of Philadelphia, asking his aid in perfecting an airship which the resident of the Quaker City had built, but which would not work.