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n. (context journalism slang English) The headline of a news story.


Hed or HED may refer to:

  • HED meteorite, "Howardite–Eucrite–Diogenite"
  • Hed PE, a rapcore band
  • Hed socken, a locality in Sweden
  • Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia
  • Fredrik Andersson Hed, Swedish golfer
  • Headline of a news story (jargon)
  • Fictional country, setting of the fantasy novel The Riddle-Master of Hed

Usage examples of "hed".

We parst the beautiful village of Limy, which lookt sweet indeed, with its neat white cottages, Institoots of learnin and other evijences of civillizashun, incloodin a party of bald heded cullered men was playing 3 card monty on the stoop of the Red Eagle tavern.

For that same vile Enchauntour Busyran,The very selfe same day that she was wedded,Amidst the bridale feast, whilest euery manSurcharg'd with wine, were heedlesse and ill hedded.

  The gals among you, sum of which air as slick pieces of caliker as I ever sot eyes on, air syin to place their heds agin weskits which kiver honest, manly harts, while you old heds fool yerselves with the idee that they air fulfillin their mishun here, and air contented.

  Nway, I had a ver nice time & almost toatly 4got abowt Dartlin & thi jiant brane in bird space & orribl skind heds & fings whot go gididibibibigididibigigi & so on.

  There was a good deal of hair present that belonged on the heds of peple who didn't cum with it--but this is a ticklish subjeck for me.

The maids and other staff who serviced his room hadn't touched anything, merely checked the closet and proceeded to make up the heds and scrub the bathroom.