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HVC (avian brain region)

HVC (formerly, hyperstriatum ventrale, pars caudalis (HVc), and high vocal center) is a nucleus in the brain of the songbirds (order passeriformes) necessary for both the learning and the production of bird song. It is located in the lateral caudal nidopallium and has projections to both the direct and the anterior forebrain pathways.

It is notable that both of the other orders of birds that learn song, the hummingbirds and parrots, also seem to have structures similar to HVC. Since it is believed that all three of these groups independently derived the ability to learn song, it is believed that these other HVC-like structures are examples of homoplasy.


HVC may refer to:

  • HVC, a software used for virtual events
  • HVC (avian brain region), an area in the avian brain involved in song production and vocal learning
  • HVC, the product code used by Nintendo for Family Computer (or Famicom for short) hardware and software in Japan.
  • Haitian Vodou Culture Language (ISO 639-3 code)
  • High-velocity cloud, a common astronomical phenomenon
  • Himachal Vikas Congress, an Indian political party
  • Holographic Versatile Card, a piece of computer hardware