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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hye \Hye\, n. & v. See Hie. [Obs.]

  1. (obsolete spelling of high English) v

  2. (obsolete spelling of hie English)


Hye may refer to:

  • Armenians
  • Armenian language
Hye (Korean name)

Hye is a Korean given name and name element. Its meaning differs based on the hanja used to write it.

Usage examples of "hye".

But for that he coude nat fynde certayne ende of goodnes and hyest felicite in naturall thinges: nor induce men to the same, he gaue the hye contemplacions of his mynde to moral vertues.

This Chauntecleer stood hye upon his toos, Strecchynge his nekke, and heeld hise eyen cloos, And gan to crowe loude for the nones, And daun Russell the fox stirte up atones, And by the gargat hente Chauntecleer, And on his bak toward the wode hym beer, For yet ne was ther no man that hym sewed.

With Horns and with Hounds I waken the Day And hye to my Woodland walks away, tempestuously bosomed, flaming hair'd, where Mars destroys and I repair, Take me, take me, while you may, Venus comes not ev'ry Day, three million dollars worth of stardom buskin'd in finest calf, twilled thighs spread wide astride the pawing stallion looming over him he rais'd a mortal to the skies.

And as the gyse was in his contree, Ful hye upon a chaar of gold stood he, With foure white boles in the trays.

Appollo whirleth up his chaar so hye Til that the god Mercurius hous, the slye- (Unfinished.

And ther as ye of poverte me repreeve, The hye God, on whom that we bileeve In wilful poverte chees to lyve his lyf.

Hadde nevere worldly man so heigh degree As Adam, til he, for mysgovernaunce, Was dryven out of hys hye prosperitee To labour, and to helle, and to meschaunce.

De Barnabo de Lumbardia Off Melan grete Barnabo Viscounte, God of delit and scourge of Lumbardye, Why sholde I nat thyn infortune acounte, Sith in estaat thow cloumbe were so hye?

Spenser alludes to it in the Fairy Queen: 'Like to an Almond tree ymounted hye, On top of greene Selinis all alone, With blossoms brave bedecked daintly.