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HOV usually refers to a high-occupancy vehicle lane.

Hov or HOV may also refer to:

Usage examples of "hov".

It seemed incredible that a mere four months ago her scouting party had discovered the badly injured girl beside the wrecked NATech hov, her body armor riddled and her lifeblood soaking the Sahara sands.

The hov, all personnel aboard riddled to doll rags, crashed to the hanger floor and screeched its way toward Susan and Greg.

A few seconds later, the concussion rocked the hov and made it slew to one side.

Like Susan, Doctor Barrett had witnessed the exchange between the NATech officer and the hov driver.

Their hov engine casing had cracked, pouring hot plasma into the interior.

He shifted the hov controls to fingertip pressure, then activated his own ERF.

The hov jerked and rose up, following a previously inputted flight path.

He ran to the evac hov and ducked inside, slamming the hatch switch, closing the rear door.

The interior of the hov brightened as the fire from the building shone through the walls.

The exploding hov had solved one problem for him by killing all four of the miners they had captured the previous night.

I requested clearly, and immediately the phase hov was filled with water.

When triggered, the phased chair shot through the hull, deploying the dog into immediate combat formation while the hov maintained attack speed.

Unlike the hov that Susie and I had wrecked in Glendale, these compact, rugged ships were very maneuverable and quick in sustained flight.

She had stayed on board our hov to man the lasers and keep an eye on all of us.

As I spoke, I noticed the first transport hov pulling out from behind the barracks and begin accelerating through the camp.