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Hau (sociology)
For the deity see Tāwhirimātea

Hau is a notion made popular by the French sociologist Marcel Mauss in his 1925 book The Gift. Surveying the practice of gifting, he came to the conclusion that it involved belief in a force binding the receiver and giver. The term 'Hau', used by the Maori, became a paradigmatic example for such a view. Writing at the turn of the century, Mauss relied on limited sources but his analysis has been expanded and refined.

Hau (surname)

Hau is a surname. It may be a variant spelling of the Chinese surname Hao 郝, the Cantonese spelling of the Chinese surname Hou 侯, or a Danish surname.

Usage examples of "hau".

Busy though he was at the telephone directing the coup in Vienna, he managed to slip over during the evening to the Haus der Flieger, where he was official host to a thousand high-ranking officials and diplomats, who were being entertained at a glittering soiree by the orchestra, the singers and the ballet of the State Opera.

And so proceeding in this determination, by the vvay vvee met a small Frigot, bound for the same place, the vvhich the Vice-Admirall tooke, and hauing duelie examined the men that vvere in her, there vvas one founde by vvhome vve vvere aduertised, the hauen to be a barred hauen, and the shore or land thereof to be vvell fortified, hauing a Castle thereupon furnished vvith greate store of Artillerie, vvithout the danger vvhereof, vvas no conuenient landing place vvithin ten English miles of the Citie, to vvhich the saide Pilote tooke vpon him to conduct vs.

Neveishoathe rmellia mi She Wlisilnsky is hau untrendls dthis ttm anndthswas hehadred to lSaa Is Wkigm wefan t,hjust a fifteen-at w-e eker M?

Verstand haben, gehen Sie jetzt aus Ihrem Haus, suchen sich eine Telefonzelle und rufen die Nummer an, die ich Ihnen jetzt gebe.

Fast baute es ein helles und warmes Haus um sie herum, Mauern, hinter denen sich ihr Herz bergen konnte, wie ein Reh sich vor den Hunden birgt.

Sie mir aber wohl noch sagen ob das Haus des reichen Herrn Dollinger nahe am Thore ist, oder weit in der Stadt drin?

HAU: It shall not need, mistress Morose, we will all bear, rather than one shall be opprest.

HAU: I will tell you, Morose, you must talk divinity to him altogether, or moral philosophy.

HAU: Good Morose, when you come to the college, will you bring him with you?

DIESES HAUS IST ZU SCHUeTZEN Es ist streng verboten, ohne Genehmigung der Kommandantur, Haueser zu betreden oder in Brand zu setzen.

The results of the IS investigation of De Haus and Boardman had not thrown up any obvious clues so far, but it was early days and had only concerned their financial dealings.

Haus getreten, um dir zu folgen, Herr, als ich wieder umkehrte, um ihn zu holen.

Dir auch heute nichts weiter sagen, es ist sogar sehr die Frage ob der Mann unten im Haus noch auf ist.

Tag zu Haus geblieben, und hatte manche von seinen Sachen, wobei ihm die Frau half, zusammengetragen und in einen Ranzen gepackt.

De Haus had been puzzled when he received the invitation from Scotland Yard.