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Huo is a Chinese surname. It is pronounced as "Fok" in Cantonese.

During the Zhou Dynasty, King Wu (personal name " Ji Fa") awarded land to his brother Shuchu (叔處) in "Huo" (modern Huozhou, Shanxi), and Shuchu's descendants adopted "Huo" as their family name.

Huo (state)

The state of Huo was a vassal state in China, which lasted from the Western Zhou Dynasty to the early years of the Spring and Autumn Period.

After the founding of the Western Zhou and the overthrow of the Shang Dynasty, Shuchu , a brother of King Wu of Zhou, who was dispatched to found a colony at Huo. A chief purpose of this fiefdom was to control the former homeland of the Shang Dynasty, forming the Three Guards along with the states of Cai) and Guan.

However, after the death of King Wu and the regency of the Duke of Zhou, the Three Guards colluded with the Shang rulers and launched a revolt against the Zhou court. This revolt was defeated, and Shuchu was stripped of his titles and demoted to a commoner. Subsequently, however, the lands of Huo were given to Shuchu's son, thereby continuing the rule of their branch, which would last until 661 BC when the state was annexed by Jin.

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Usage examples of "huo".

But the Chi forces rallied around their chieftain, and Yang Huo fled to Key with most of the national treasury.

But everyone agrees that both Yang Huo and the warden of Pi tried to enlist the services of Confucius.

But nothing came of any of this because Yang Huo and the warden never joined forces.

It was reported that both Yang Huo and the warden of Pi were to be seen fighting in the Key army against their own countrymen.

He likes most of the inmates, too, and realizes after a year or huo that the inmates need him in some strange way.

He rounded on the fattest of his staff officers, an Oriental named Huo Shuang.

Flicking through the screens, he forgot, by degrees, his cynical appraisal of Huo, and his thoughts chased the implications of what he was reading, like pieces chasing down the king on a chessboard.