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n. (context abbreviation English) hefeweizen


Hef or HEF may refer to:

  • Haemagglutinin-esterase fusion glycoprotein
  • Hefeweizen, a type of beer
  • High-energy fuel, an experimental aircraft fuel
  • High explosive fragmentation, a type of ammunition or ordnance
  • Historic Railway, Frankfurt (German: )
  • Holocaust Educational Foundation, part of Northwestern University
  • Hope Educational Foundation, in South Africa
  • Hugh Hefner (born 1926), American magazine publisher, founder and Chief Creative Officer of Playboy Enterprises
  • Hungarian Evangelical Fellowship
  • Manassas Airport, in Virginia, United States
  • Norwegian Humanist Association (Norwegian: )

Usage examples of "hef".

Playboy dream, Hef hung out with Ella Fitzgerald, Dizzy Gillespie, Lenny Bruce and Jack Kerouac.

Equally ponderous and evasive, Don is one of the many middlemen hired to interpose between Hef and the outside world.

Talese really has to hand it to Hef, and writes of him throughout with envious admiration.

Alle der day we lay down bei der stomach in der feildt behindt der batterie, und der schells von der Frainch cennon hef eggsblode--ach, donnerwetter!

Vhen der war hef godt over, I go beck to Ulm und gedt marriet, und den I gedt demn sick von der armie.

Ven he hef shtop to run und sit oop soh, bei der hind laigs on, I oop mit der guhn und--bing!

Baa Hef continued to hammer the console, it shattered, and the sledge smashed through the electronics concealed within.

Bussos could address that problem, there was the matter of Baa Hef to cope with.

Baa Hef babbled incoherently about what he referred to as the table devil, and seemed to believe that he had done something heroic by killing the spirit called Trudy.

In fact, at the moment when the raft shot past, Baa Hef was standing in the shallows with his back to the river.

Quickly, she turned to hef right, eased around a line of vats and past the storage huts.

For twelve bears he had been thinking about her, and now that hef d met mer again, she did not exist.

Mad Hef over there, whose black fame ought to be known even to you, revered sirs.

She was chuckling away to herself at the idea of riding behind the Lord of Kilsheelin when suddenly hef chuckling ceased.

Hefner looked sheepishly up over the centerfold, took a large swallow of scotch, and said, 'Sorry about that.