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Heo is a family name in Korea. It is also often spelled as Hur or Huh, or less commonly as Hue or Her. In South Korea in 1985, out of a population of between roughly 40 and 45 million, there were approximately 264,000 people surnamed Heo. The name is also found in North Korea. The character used for the name (許) means to permit or advocate.

The Heos traditionally trace their ancestry to Queen Heo Hwang-ok, the wife of King Suro of Geumgwan Gaya, one of ancient kingdoms in Korea. She bore ten sons, two of whom retained the Queen's name. The Heos are traditionally considered distant kins of the Kims, who trace their ancestry to the other sons of King Suro.

Usage examples of "heo".

Hecaton Heo of Pallid House of the Whites had descended from transcendental thoughtspace and resumed human psychology in order to attend.

I have in my lifetime come upon a supply of the fire-colored heo wood for working.

No one came into his room but the scared woman, Heo, and the zadyo who came once a day to ask if he had all he needed.

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