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Hom (instrument)

Hom is a generic Yucatec Maya name used for a class of trumpet-like musical wind instruments found in pre-Columbian and traditional music among the Maya peoples of Mesoamerica.

Usage examples of "hom".

They went first to a Hom and Hardart automat for baked beans and coleslaw, then to an Elvis Presley movie, G.

The Homilies are completely saturated with stoicism, both in their ethical and metaphysical systems, and are opposed to Platonism, though Plato is quoted in Hom.

The spectators surged to their feet, and Noto screamed for his man to finish the Capuan while Homs and his party shouted at the Capuan to get up and return to the attack.

Thay tan hym bytwene hem, wyth talkyng hym leden To chambre, to chemne, and chefly thay asken Spyce3, that vnsparely men speded hom to bryng, And the wynnelych wyne therwith vche tyme.

Despite all the hours I have to spend adding up columns of figures and counting stacks of pennies, I'm still an Arum, and when the homs blow, my blood starts to race.

It was made from the same composite materials as was Lanata, wood and ivory and hom.

Our task: to reconnoiter more intensively as far as south of Homs-Tripoli, with particular attention to an almost insurmountable north-south mountain range between Homs and Tripoli.

And above this din pealed the wild cry of a hom of Valon, but above all belled the great golden command of Durek's mighty War Horn.