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pron. (context Geordie English) her


Hor Awibre (also known as Hor I) was an Egyptian pharaoh of the 13th Dynasty reigning from c. 1777 BC until 1775 BC or for a few months, c. 1760 BC or c. 1732 BC, during the Second Intermediate Period. Hor is known primarily thanks to his nearly intact tomb discovered in 1894 and the rare life-size wooden statue of the king's Ka it housed.

Hor (disambiguation)

Hor was an Egyptian pharaoh of the 13th Dynasty .

Hor may also refer to:

Hor (high steward)

Hor was an Ancient Egyptian official who was in office under Senusret I, around 1950 BC. Hor is known from a number of monuments, most of them found at Abydos, where he most likely had a chapel. He is also known from a stela found in the Wadi el-Hudi. His most important title was high steward. In this function he administrated the royal domains. He was bearing the highest ranking titles, such as Iry-pat (member of the elite) or Haty-a. Only one of his monuments is dated. That is stela Louvre C2. The monument bears the year date 9 of Senusret's I reign, providing evidence that he was in office in the first part of that king's reign.

Usage examples of "hor".

Like Hor Vastus, he too dreaded the truth and would not be the one to wrest a statement from me.

Kuruvan did, certainly, and I believe Drisheen as well, and perhaps Toribor or Horim on occasion, but not I, nor Enziet.

I sincerely feel that my fault in this is less than theirs, for I was brought in out of friendship for Enziet, Drisheen, and Horim, not because I had any great interest in the benefits that might accrue.

Horim calls himself Lord Iron, and Enziet and Drisheen we simply call Enziet and Drisheen.

This prisoner was brought to the temple and questioned in the presence of Dian and Gamba and Hor.

Noada not escape, Hor having told them that she was planning to join Gamba in his house across the square, from which they were arranging to launch their attack against the temple.

Master of Sinanju heard the scream while he was making the soldiers of Ultima Hora hors de combat.

Les mots qui ne sortent pas du fond de la poitrine me mettent hors de moi.

I heard master tell missis that he had sold my Harry and you, Uncle Tom, both to a trader, and that he was going off this morning on his hor se, and that the man was to take possession to-day.

Monica had already told Ann about her own emotions, how intense everything had seemed when she was fourteen and in school, how un portant small details seemed back then when her hor mones were rampaging through her body for the first time.

Again the broad, sweeping gesture, this time taking in the entire hor tilde onless chamber: cages full of snaillike plants, plantlike snails, a cubicle lined with tiny 182 STAR TREK LOG Six colored balls, animals that resembled rocks, plants that resembled buildings, plant-animals like nothing on Earth.

Dredge squirrel in seasoned flour and saut in hor fat until brown on all sides.

Then an officer ordered them back, while from the outer corridor there swept into the throne room at the heels of my little party of survivors a full thousand red men under Kantos Kan, Hor Vastus, and Xodar.

I thanked each loyal friend, and leaving CartHoris to entertain them, withdrew to my own audience chamber with Kantos Kan, Tars Tarkas, Xodar, and Hor Vastus.

Some half-hour later we came to the pits beneath our own palace, and soon thereafter emerged into the audience chamber itself, where we found Kantos Kan, Tars Tarkas, Hor Vastus, and Xodar awaiting us most impatiently.