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HYT may refer to:

  • HYT (watchmaker), a Swiss watchmaker
  • Highest Yoga Tantra
  • High Year Tenure, in the United States Armed Forces
  • Hueytown, Alabama, United States
  • Hyde North railway station, in England
HYT (watchmaker)

HYT is a watchmaking company based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. It is the only watchmaking company to display time with fluids.

HYT was launched in 2012 when it introduced its first hybrid timepiece, the H1, during BaselWorld. They won 3 awards the same year:

  • Best Innovative Watch 2012 - Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève;
  • Best concept watch of the year – SIAR in Mexico;
  • Best concept watch of the year – Watch World Award in India.

Usage examples of "hyt".

Mayre of London sende, by the good a-vyse and consent of craftys, sent sowdyers to Calys, for hyt was sayde that the Duke of Burgone lay sege unto Calis.