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HEV may refer to:

  • HÉV, a system of suburban railway lines in Budapest, Hungary
  • Hendra virus (HeV)
  • Hepatitis E virus
  • Hever railway station, in England
  • High endothelial venules
  • High-energy visible light
  • Hybrid electric vehicle

Usage examples of "hev".

Alexander, but wharfore does ye seek ter hev us send more men over hyar?

Fort was not to hev eny public man of the present day resemble him to eny alarmin extent.

Fort is to lay a sub-machine tellegraf under the boundin billers of the Oshun, and then hev it Bust.

Ramon and Muddy-hairo, or whatever his name is, hev thet greaser community purty well tagged with our descriptions by now.

He took his keys out and unlocked the passenger-side door on a new Porsche, painted candy-apple red with a license plate that read HEVNER 2.