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Hua or HUA may refer to:

Hua (state)

Huáguó (滑国) was a vassal state of Western Zhou that existed in what is now Henan, whose ruling elites belonged to the royal family but which was destroyed by the State of Qin in 627 BC. The population were the earlier Hua of the Spring and Autumn Period not the later Huá (滑) of the Hephthalites. The Huaguo in northern Henan was destroyed by Qin Shi Huang, and the Hua tribe sought refuge in Shanxi. They became part of the Xiongnu at Pingyang (平陽, in modern Linfen, Shanxi). When Liu Can was overthrown by Jin Zhun, and Shi Le established his state, many of the Huá (滑) around Pingyang fled west along the Silk Road causing the Xionites to harass Persia -though Pingyang remains the centre of the Huá (滑) clan even today. They later appear in the Qeshi region ( Turpan area) under the Rouran.

"This tribe came to Tocharistan and soon settled in the eastern regions of Khorasan at the beginning of the Vth century."1

The word guo can be interpret as state or tribe, which depend on different cases, some of the problem including, perhaps vague in meaning, taking for example the Samhan which mentioned in the Records of Three Kingdoms consisted of seventy eight guo, where guo here could have been translated differently. Thus , the State of Huá (滑), can refer to the name of the Hephthalites' country or tribes mentioned in what is now north Afghanistan from the Book of Liang and Portraits of Periodical Offering of Liang. However, Malyavkin (1989) insists that the Hephthalite country was called Yeda by the Chinese, and only the polity was called Hua.

In modern times, Huá (滑) refers to the southernmost county of Anyang, the northernmost prefecture-level city of Henan.

Hua (surname)

Hua is a common transliteration for some Chinese surnames, of which the most common ones are 華/华 and 花 . The Cantonese romanizations for 華 and 花 are Wah and Fa, respectively. 華, when pronounced in the fourth tone in Mandarin, is exclusively used in the name of Mount Hua and as a surname. The usual pronunciation of 華 is huá, which literally means "prosper" and is used as a reference to the Chinese people. On the other hand, 花 literally means "flower".

Usage examples of "hua".

Then, when they reached the Winter Land, she moved in with Hua, an ancient woman whose children had all died.

The weather remained dry, though Hua kept saying that rain was coming.

And maybe, I thought, it would not be a good idea for Hua and Nia and Angai to sit together in front of the entire village.

She fastened the cloak on top of the saddlebags, then mounted and looked at the three of them: the boy on his bowhorn, Angai and Hua standing in the middle of a patch of vegetation.

Li Hua, I do not think these ghost people have brought anything good to China.

Li Hua, and I knew right then that this ghost person knew more about business than my husband.

I said I wished I could see you, Li Hua, I did not mean for it to be that way.

But her accent was genuine: it clipped and shorted ends of words in the pattern of the eastern reaches of Chiyaden, which could well be Hua province, and in that consideration she might be even a spy brought safely along the roads and sent up here on orders of lord Ghita himself.

That way he could do his father a service, discharging an obligation that had worried him, do himself one, if it mattered, and a girl with no prospects would find a decent life and a respectable old age, much more than she would ever find as a farm-wife in Hua province.

She gathered up her good humor and showed him a game they had played in Hua, when the snows came, but it was a game he knew, one they played at court.

And if you run off, the only thing I can do is go to Hua looking for you.

He bought six wagon-loads of rice and cloth and sent it back to Hua to his tenants, so, he said, the farmers could keep their strength up: there was a lot of rebuilding to do and if the land was torn up, a well-fed people were like troops to a campaign.

Saukendar of Yiungei, escorting this farmer-girl back to Hua so she can kill lord Gitu and marry me.

Aio current of the situation, for her to send messages with her birds, one more on to certain friends in Mura and Hua and one straight north to Kiang, to the farthest reaches of the Empire.

Through the intermediary of one of our local gentry, she was betrothed to Hua Wen-djun, the son of His Excellency the Senior Graduate Hua Guo-hsiang, the retired prefect.