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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hir \Hir\, pron. [Obs.] See Here, pron.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Middle English obsolete form of her.


a. (context neologism English) belonging to #Pronoun, their (qualifier: singular). {{non-gloss definition|gender-neutral third-person singular possessive adjective, coordinate with (term: his) and (term: her).}} pron. (context neologism English) them (qualifier: singular). {{non-gloss definition|gender-neutral third-person singular object pronoun, coordinate with (term: him) and (term: her).}}

Hir (disambiguation)

Hir is a gender-neutral pronoun used as him/her or his/her.

Hir is also the mascot for the India Habitat Centre's annual Indian Languages Festival, Samanvay. Hir is an ageless, androgynous, itinerant storyteller who can travel through time, space and dimensions.

Hir or HIR may also refer to:

HIR (mobile app)

HIR is a medical image and medical record app developed by Columbus, Ohio-based technology company Olah Healthcare. The app allows people to consolidate and manage their medical history regardless of which computer system a hospital or practice uses. People can manage their medical records on the platform they want: their smartphone. The app has over 90% patient engagement and download rate since its soft-launch in October, 2015.

Usage examples of "hir".

Whereat I stood musing and commending to my selfe the ingenious and apt inuention of the Arthist, in the vse of such a stone, which of his owne nature to contrarie proportions affoorded contrarie coulers, and in such sort as by the raysing vp of hir small plummage aboue hir seare, hir beack halfe open, and hir toung appearing in the middest thereof, as if she had beene resolutely intended, and eagerly bent to haue gorged hir selfe vpon it.

The identification codes that Broder had sent hir were good then, and a lucky thing.

Hir was aware that Hir employer, Stanley Broder, represented a splinter faction of the Tandesko hierarchy and not the main quorum.

Then hir waited, chatting occasionally with the shipboard cogitative system.

O hi me that so small or anye intermission should cause that hir louely and celestiall Idea and shape was not still imprinted in my minde, and continued a dayly companion, in whose brest my life is resolued to abide, and rest as vnder the protection of a most sure and approoued shield and safe defence.

Katharyne, my dowghter, was put to Mistres Brayce at Braynferd, hir mother and Arthur went with her after dynner.

Oppressed and laden with all these aforenamed frightes and terrors, I began to imagine that the Dragon was flying about my head, and with the noyse of hir scritching teeth and tearing clawes to take hould vpon me with hir deuouring iawes: my heart giuing mee to vnderstand, that the carniuorus Woolfe which I drempt of, was a presage of this my last doubted end.

I lying vpon my bed, an oportune and meet freend to a wearie body, no creature accompaning me in my chamber, besides the attender vppon my body, and vsuall night lights, who after that she had vsed diuers speeches, to the end shee might comfort me, hauing vnderstood before of me, the originall cause of my hollow and deepe sighes, she indeuored hir best to moderate, if at least she might, that, my perturbed and pittifull estate.

Within the saide Garland I beheld a rough Milche Gote, which a little child did suck, sitting vnder hir side vpon his fleshie young legges one streight foorth, and the other retract and bowed vnder him.

And therewith kest I doun my eye ageyne, Quhare as I sawe, walking under the tour, Full secretly new cummyn hir to pleyne, The fairest or the freschest yong floure That ever I sawe, me thoght, before that houre.

Minotaurus a monster in Creete, born of Pasiphae which being inclosed in the laborinth fed on mans flesh, whome Theseus slew and got out of the laborinth by a clew of thred giuen by Ariadne king Minoes daughter, after wife to Theseus, who did forsake hir, and left hir in a disinhabited Ile, notwithstanding that she had saued his life.

Miss --, I Receve your Letter your Aunt is vary Ill and Lowspireted I Donte think your Aunt wood Git up all Day if My Sister Wasnot to Persage her We all Think hir lif is two monopolous.

In the middle of the edging of hir dressing, vpon the highest parte ouer the middest of hir forhead hoong a rare iewell.

And in the middest of them this renowned and famous Queene in great pompe and vnspeakeable statelynes, and the hemmes of hir vestures so edged and set with pearle and stone, as if nature had rayned and powred them down vpon hir.

Maydenlie head attyred and bound vp in fillets of glystering gould, and instrophiated redimited, garnished ouer and beset with floured mirtle, and vpon hir snowye foreheade, branched out hir trembling curled lockes, and about hir fayrest showlders, flew her long tresses after a nymphish fashion artyfitiallye handeled.