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n. (context South Africa English) A small type of hut

HOK (firm)

HOK (formerly Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum) is an American worldwide design, architecture, engineering and urban planning firm.

As of 2016, HOK is the largest U.S.-based architecture-engineering firm and the second-largest interior design firm. The firm maintains more than 1,800 professional staff across a global network of 23 offices and is active in all major architectural specialties. Its senior leaders are located in several different locations across the world.

Usage examples of "hok".

Tair could not open his mouth without crowing, and the boy Hok strived mightily to emulate his older brother.

Tair slapped Conan on the back, and they and Hok proceeded upon their explorations.

But when the last echoes of the drum faded, the boy Hok did not respond, and a search of every tree also failed to turn him up.

Still, the memory of his own slavery when not much older than Hok was still strong in Conan.

Conan could imagine that a bargain might have been struck, with the boy Hok as some kind of bribe.

Still, he had come to rescue Hok, and if the boy was within, there was no help for it.

Chapter TEN Conan awoke feeling somewhat refreshed, to find the boy Hok staring nervously at him.

Chapter ELEVEN Conan and Hok had not run far when they noticed pursuit.

Now that he had recovered Hok, Conan wondered about the second part of their quest.

Little Hok was halfway up the dune by now, with Cheen right behind him.

Conan looked up to see a Pili running the same way, and next to the lizard man, he spotted Tair and Hok, also fleeing.

Tair already had one of the oars up and in the lock, and Hok was straining to lift the second oar when Conan grabbed it from him and thrust it into place.

To amuse himself, Hok dug at the weed with the point of the short knife Tair had given him, and he looked happy in that small chore.

Tair traded jabs with the third selkie guarding the door, while Cheen and Hok worried the fourth guard with spear and knife.

Cheen and Hok had been joined by Tair, and they finished off the last selkie guard as he watched.