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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ho \Ho\, Hoa \Hoa\ (h[=o]), interj. [Cf. F. & G. ho.]

  1. Halloo! attend! -- a call to excite attention, or to give notice of approach. ``What noise there, ho?''
    --Shak. ``Ho! who's within?''

  2. [Perhaps corrupted fr. hold; but cf. F. hau stop! and E. whoa.] Stop! stand still! hold! -- a word now used by teamsters, but formerly to order the cessation of anything. [Written also whoa, and, formerly, hoo.]

    The duke . . . pulled out his sword and cried ``Hoo!''

    An herald on a scaffold made an hoo.


Etymology 1 pron. (qualifier: South Lancashire, Yorkshire and Derbyshire) she Etymology 2

interj. 1 (context obsolete English) hurrah; an exclamation of triumphant joy 2 (context Geordie English) Used to grab the attention of others. Etymology 3

adv. (context Northumbria Geordie English) how Etymology 4

n. (lb en obsolete outside placenames) A strip of land; a peninsula; a spur or ridge.


Hoo may refer to :

Hoo (film)

Hoo is a 2010 Indian Kannada-language film written and directed by V. Ravichandran. The film stars V. Ravichandran in lead role whereas Meera Jasmine and Namitha play the female leads. Prakash Raj plays a very important role in the film.

The film is produced by Dinesh Gandhi. This film is a remake of Telugu hit movie Vasantham and Tamil film Priyamana Thozhi released in 2003.

Usage examples of "hoo".

There has cum a leter for a sertun persen this morning, with a Lundun posmark, and i do not now hand nor sele, but bad writting, which i have not seen wot contanes, but I may, for as you told me offen, you are anceus for welfare of our famly, as i now to be no more than trewth, so I am anceus to ascest you Sir, wich my conseynce is satesfid, but leter as trubeled a sertun persen oufull, hoo i new was engry, and look oufull put about, wich do not offen apen, and you may sewer there is sumthing in wind, he is alday so oufull peefish, you will not thing worse of me speeken plane as yo disier, there beeing a deel to regret for frends of the old famly i feer in a sertun resent marrege, if I shud lern be chance contense of letter i will sewer rite you.

Many unique objects dothe Ardagh chalice, the Kingston brooch, the Sutton Hoo treasure.

Who could have thought that this Hoo was in dead earnest, and before leaving the bridal room, motivated by Heaven knows what old grudge, dropped poison in the teapot that was standing by the side of the bridal bed?

I trudged out into a hooing of damp and grisly wind, into the kind of gunmetal day when you wear your headlights turned on, and think of a roaring fire, hot buttered rum, a Dynel tigerskin, and a brown agile lass from Papeete.

Aye, I was in the rrricht of it, the divine rrricht I may say, to hae thrrrown oot of the rrrealm a bulk nae matterrr hoo holy that hath been defiled by the pens of Godless rrrepublicans, aye.

Hoo, licking his fingers, studied Madal with interest, but made no comment.

I was but thinkin hoo to say oot what was in me, ohn vext her waur nor couldna be helpit.

The map was pocked with such place-names as Foulness, Hoo, the Warp, and Slede Ooze.

Good luck now Mr Leddy I said and kick started in the air whee hoo away off like the clappers down the street.

Hoo dinna ye gang up the stair to Mr Cupples, and hae a lauch wi' him?

U weet niet wat een plezier het me doet u te zien en van u te hooren, dat u niet boos op me is.

Het gekraak van het hout vermenigvuldigde zich, het gekras van den nagel werd scherper en ieder oogenblik verwachtte zij de beweging der hand te zullen hooren, die hare muilen wilde grijpen.

A final chorus of gibbons went hoo hoo hoo at great length in the forest below, and two of them hurried across the grass in front of the narthex, one with its hands clasped behind its neck, the other with its arms held high.

Bunty was still giving vent to spasmodic boos and hoos, Judy was whistling stormily, and the General, mulcted of the scissors, was licking his own muddy shoe all over with his dear little red tongue.

But his third sojourn, with Sir Samuel Luke at Cople Hoo, Bedfordshire, was not only apparently the longest, but also much the most important in its effects on his career and works.