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Hux or HUX may refer to:

  • Hux Records, a British record label
  • Bahías de Huatulco International Airport (airport code: HUX), in Oaxaca, Mexico
  • General Hux, a character in the film Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Nüpode Huitoto language (language code: hux), spoken in Peru

Usage examples of "hux".

It only causes pain and anger, as Hux and Wien and many others are angry.

But then later in the morning Hux told me that the firewood was not as deep as it had been last winter, and I went to see.

But I told Hux and three other men to take axes and cut wood all day instead of doing work on the thatch.

I do not understand why Hux and Wien are always angry at Linkeree, for he does not make them hungry, and he does not make them cold.

Also, everyone wanted to see Linkeree’s house, and so every single person, including Hux at the end, agreed to help walk down the snow.

But then Hux said: Today I worked for Linkeree, and so now Linkeree must give me food.

Linkeree jumped up to take back the bread, but Hux threw it down on the ground and stepped on it so it could not be eaten.

He struck him so hard that Hux fell to the ground and vomited all he had eaten for dinner.

Wien was more angry than others because Hux is his friend more than any other man.

This is what I said, and I fear it was not wise: Hux took that which he did not have a right to take — another man’s bread.

For Linkeree and Hux now hate each other and are angry deep down inside them, where it does not heal, and I fear that other bad things will happen.

For Hux has hatid Linkeree bad for days, and so hes gonn and made things worst they can be.

And many said Linkeree should have the house but many more said It is not right for Hux and Ryanno to wait when there is a house.

But Hux was not happy yet, he said I want the house tonight and marry tonight.

But Linkeree said No, for Ive dunn all things like you said even giving up my house like you said now make Hux this ox do like you said, for Ive obeyd and hes broken all your words.