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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
uh huh
▪ ‘Can I sit here?’ ‘Uh huh.’
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

as a representation of a grunting exclamation, attested from c.1600.


interj. 1 (context with falling pitch English) (non-gloss definition: used to express amusement or subtle surprise.) 2 (non-gloss definition: Used to express doubt or confusion.) 3 (context with rising pitch English) (non-gloss definition: Used to reinforce a question.) 4 (rft-sense) (context slang with falling pitch English) (non-gloss definition Used either to belittle the issuer of a statement/question, or sarcasm sarcastically to indicate utter agreement, and that the statement being responded to is an extreme understatement. The intonation is changed to distinguish between the two meanings - implied dullness for belittlement, and feigned surprise for utter agreement.) 5 (context informal with rising pitch English) (non-gloss definition: Used to indicate that one did not hear what was said.) 6 (context informal with falling pitch English) (non-gloss definition: Used to create a tag question.)


Huh may refer to:

  • Huh (disfluency), perhaps the most recognized syllable throughout the world
  • Huh (god), an Egyptian deity
  • huH (magazine), a defunct American magazine
  • Huh (name) or Heo, a Korean family name
  • "HuH" (song), by South Korean girl group 4minute
  • Harvard University Herbaria
  • Howard University Hospital, in Washington, D.C.
  • Huahine – Fare Airport, in French Polynesia
  • Huilliche language
  • Hung Hom Station, in Hong Kong
HuH (magazine)

huH was a popular music magazine in the United States during the 1990s.

Usage examples of "huh".

Anton Bailey and Anthony Bailor were one and the same before today, huh?

And then I could slooshy his bolshy lumpy boots beating off, him going huh huh huh into the darkmans, and it was only about seven seconds after that I slooshied the millicent-van draw up with a filthy great dropping siren-howl, like some bezoomny animal snuffing it.

Say, youse up dere, Man in de Moon, yuh look so wise, gimme de answer, huh?

But she won mahhy me say she twell I steel one thousum dollah fum Doctah Revend Fearnaught an huh an me we tek it on de heel an toe 2 Calyforny or sum fool plaice whah dey caint ketch us.

I guess getting enthralled with negritude still beats self-reflection every time, huh?

Say, youse up dere, Man in de Moon, yuh look so wise, gimme de answer, huh?

Or were you of a mind to convert them all to floor lamps and bookends, huh?

When we get back, maybe we oughta take some of the Creek braves off the fort construction and send them out to get us a few prisoners, huh?

With two gigs, the skiff, and two Fivers, can we do more exploring now, huh?

How in hell have you bastards been missing these fuckers on the river, huh?

All these cocksuckers are bound to be anti-Semites, because if they aren't, how come there are no Jews anywhere in England I've heard of, huh?

How do you think the wholesalers are gonna behave when they see us going around them with the Cyberbooks, huh?

Now I bail out Jackie, I'm liable to have the police on me again, huh?

I'll tell you, Kidd, you've gotten me in some shit over the years, but we've always made money, huh?

As he climbed into the aircar, he asked, Dont believe in no-win situations, huh?