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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
sb's nerve fails (him/her) (=someone suddenly loses the courage or confidence to do something)
▪ At the last moment, her nerve failed her.
turned him down (=refused his offer of marriage)
▪ Josie’s already turned him down.
God help him/them etc
God help you/him etc
God help you/him etc
I don't blame you/you can hardly blame him etc
I'd like to see you/him do sth
▪ But I 'd like to see you again, when we can make time.
▪ I 'd like to see him again.
▪ I 'd like to see you give our boys a run for their money.
I'll show him/them etc
as fast as his/her legs could carry him/her
▪ She ran to her mother as fast as her legs could carry her.
bless (him/her etc)
▪ Hence, the blessing of bread on her feast day.
▪ I will bless those who bless you and whoever curses you, I will curse.
▪ Orphism, as the other Hellenistic mystery religions, claimed to teach its adepts the means of securing a blessed immortality.
▪ Riggs said Clinton administration representatives agreed to the further funding restriction in return for congressional leaders' blessing of the spending bill.
▪ So much undervalued this fish and yet St Peter himself has blessed it with his thumb-mark.
▪ Such a prestigious credit was something of a mixed blessing.
▪ Suddenly the door bell rang and she blessed that she'd blissed the afternoon away.
▪ They love every minute of it, too, bless their hearts particularly the scandals.
bully for you/him etc
▪ A: Then bully for you and bully for them, though I suspect you're lying.
coming from him/her/you etc
▪ As I couldn't work out where they were coming from I ignored them.
▪ But all the intensity is coming from her.
▪ But I never expected the reaction it got coming from me.
▪ Coast Guard helicopters flying over the barge noticed an oil sheen coming from it, DeVillars said.
▪ Maybe these intimate stories, coming from some one she hardly knew, had overwhelmed her.
▪ That coming from him who would go sick with a bad back whenever a job tired him.
▪ That was rich coming from him!
▪ The little girl coming from her direction offers the other, much thinner one, a bowl filled with bread and fruit.
confound it/him/them etc
▪ And if Callie confuses them, Mona confounds them.
▪ Hell and the devil confound it, this was his home!
▪ Placed there to confront and confound him.
▪ She summons Deronda and pours out her desire to be what he wants, her inarticulate misery confounding him.
▪ Use their expectations and then confound them.
don't mind her/him etc
good luck to him/them etc
▪ All I say is: good luck to him.
▪ And all good luck to him.
▪ Big women can be as fit as anyone else and if so, good luck to them.
▪ If they start talking high teens, good luck to them.
▪ In which case, good luck to them both.
hark at him/her/you!
let him/her/them etc
▪ He would not rush the boy, he had to let him come to him.
▪ I also owed Maggie the courtesy of letting her know I didn't need her to do my legwork any longer.
▪ I had once made the mistake of letting him do this.
▪ I stood there, thinking to myself, Okay just let him wear himself out.
▪ Of course, Kate could have shrugged and let him stew in his own juice, or lack of it.
▪ Then let her do it for the Junior League.
more fool you/him etc
rather you/him/her/them than me
sb doesn't have much meat on him/her
screw you/him etc
▪ They screwed him at least once and he knows it.
shame on you/him/them etc
▪ And if you haven't heard of Gus then shame on you!
▪ Fool me once, shame on you, the saying goes.
▪ If you fail to negotiate, shame on you.
that's rich (coming from him/you etc)
trust you/him/them etc (to do sth)!
you can tell him from me
▪ I took him to lunch yesterday.
▪ She's in love with him.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Him \Him\ (h[i^]m), pron. Them. See Hem. [Obs.]


Him \Him\, pron. [AS. him, dat. of h[=e]. [root]183. See He.] The objective case of he. See He.

Him that is weak in the faith receive.
--Rom. xiv. 1.

Friends who have given him the most sympathy.

Note: In old English his and him were respectively the genitive and dative forms of it as well as of he. This use is now obsolete. Poetically, him is sometimes used with the reflexive sense of himself.

I never saw but Humphrey, duke of Gloster, Did bear him like a noble gentleman.


He \He\ (h[=e]), pron. [nom. He; poss. His (h[i^]z); obj. Him (h[i^]m); pl. nom. They ([th][=a]); poss. Their or Theirs ([th][^a]rz or [th][=a]rz); obj. Them ([th][e^]m).] [AS. h[=e], masc., he['o], fem., hit, neut.; pl. h[=i], or hie, hig; akin to OFries. hi, D. hij, OS. he, hi, G. heute to-day, Goth. himma, dat. masc., this, hina, accus. masc., and hita, accus. neut., and prob. to L. his this. [root]183. Cf. It.]

  1. The man or male being (or object personified to which the masculine gender is assigned), previously designated; a pronoun of the masculine gender, usually referring to a specified subject already indicated.

    Thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.
    --Gen. iii. 16.

    Thou shalt fear the Lord thy God; him shalt thou serve.
    --Deut. x. 20.

  2. Any one; the man or person; -- used indefinitely, and usually followed by a relative pronoun.

    He that walketh with wise men shall be wise.
    --Prov. xiii. 20.

  3. Man; a male; any male person; -- in this sense used substantively.

    I stand to answer thee, Or any he, the proudest of thy sort.

    Note: When a collective noun or a class is referred to, he is of common gender. In early English, he referred to a feminine or neuter noun, or to one in the plural, as well as to noun in the masculine singular. In composition, he denotes a male animal; as, a he-goat.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English him, originally dative masculine and neuter of he; beginning 10c. it replaced hine as masculine accusative, a regional process completed by 15c. The dative roots of the -m ending are retained in German (ihm) and Dutch (hem). Hine persists, barely, as the southern England dialectal 'un, 'n for "him."


pron. 1 (non-gloss definition: A masculine pronoun; he as a grammatical object.) 2 # With dative effect or as an indirect object. (from 9th c.) 3 # Following a preposition. (from 9th c.) 4 # With accusative effect or as a direct object. (from 12th c.) 5 (context now rare English) Used reflexively: (to) himself. (from 9th c.) 6 With nominative effect: he, especially as a predicate after (term: be), or following a preposition. (from 15th c.) 7 (alternative spelling of Him English)

HiM (American band)

HiM is a dub influenced post-rock group formed in 1995 by Doug Scharin, drummer for the bands Codeine, Rex and June of 44. Their first album, Egg, was their most dub-based effort. Each successive album has gone more in a quasi- world music direction. After some recording for Crooklyn Dub Consortium and Wordsound, "Interpretive Belief System", HiM settled on a lineup of Scharin with Bundy K. Brown, Rob Mazurek and Jeff Parker, members or occasional members of Tortoise and Isotope 217. Their first album was the underground hit Sworn Eyes, produced by Doug Scharin. A few personnel changes followed, and the revamped lineup including members of June of 44. Golden released Our Point of Departure in 1999, which signified a very clear shift toward a more jazz-like sound, followed by a major American and European tour. In 2003, HiM released Many In High Places Are Not Well on Fat Cat Records, which was received as their most successful and fully realized release. Peoples was released in mid-2006, featuring a cleaner sound with more vocals than any of HiM's previous releases. Included in this line-up are Martin Perna and Jordan McLean from Antibalas, Griffin Rodriguez from Need New Body/Icy Demons, Adam Pierce ( Mice Parade). The latest HiM records, "1110" and ,released in 2008 and 2009 on Afterhours in Tokyo, are collaborations between Doug Scharin, Josh Larue and the Tokyo-based group, Ultra Living.

HIM (Finnish band)

HIM is a rock band from Helsinki, Finland. The band was formed in the early 1990s by vocalist Ville Valo, and bassist Mikko "Mige" Paananen, under the name His Infernal Majesty. The band broke up in 1993, but was reformed in 1995 by Valo and guitarist Mikko "Linde" Lindström. After being rejoined by Mige, as well as keyboardist Antto Melasniemi and drummer Juhana "Pätkä" Rantala, the band, now called HIM, released their debut album Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666 in 1997. In 2000, now with drummer Mika "Gas Lipstick" Karppinen and keyboardist Juska Salminen, the band released the album Razorblade Romance, which reached number 1 in Finland, Austria and Germany. Its first single, " Join Me in Death", also charted at number 1 in Finland and Germany, eventually going platinum in their home country.

Following the addition of Janne "Burton" Puurtinen on keyboards, HIM released Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights and Love Metal in 2001 and 2003, respectively. Both cracked the top ten in several countries, with latter being the band's first album to chart in the UK After relocating to Los Angeles, HIM released Dark Light in 2005, which became the group's most successful album to date, cracking the top ten in five countries. With Dark Light, HIM also became the first-ever Finnish group to receive a gold album in the United States. Dark Light was followed by Venus Doom in 2007, the making of which was marred by personal problems faced by vocalist Ville Valo. Despite this, the album gave the band their highest chart position ever in the US at number 12.

After 2010's Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice, HIM were put on hiatus, after drummer Gas Lipstick was diagnosed with a repetitive stress injury and nerve damage in his hands. Following several months of uncertainty, the band regrouped and eventually released the album Tears on Tape in 2013. In 2015, Gas Lipstick announced his departure from the band after 16 years, to pursue other musical projects. He was subsequently replaced by Jukka "Kosmo" Kröger.

HIM is internationally one of the most commercially successful Finnish bands of all time, with seven platinum and over ten gold albums, and sales of over six million records. The band have released eight studio albums, six compilations, three video releases, and one live and one remix album. HIM's music and their logo, the heartagram, have also appeared in several films and TV series, such as The Thirteenth Floor, Transformers, Viva La Bam and LA Ink.


Him is the objective form of he.

Him or HIM may also refer to:

Him (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

"Him" is the sixth episode of the seventh and final season of television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Him (album)

Him is the fifth studio album from Christian rock singer, and Stryper frontman, Michael Sweet. The album was released on August 1, 2006.

The album features a collection of traditional hymns arranged and re-written by Sweet himself. Sweet made A music video of "Take My Life" for the biblical movie, One Night with the King, based on the story of Esther. His daughter, Ellena Rae Sweet, can be seen dancing as A ballerina in the video.

Him (film)

Him (1974) was a pornographic feature film produced for gay audiences. The film focused on a young gay man who developed an erotic fixation with the life of Jesus Christ. The film was virtually unknown until 1979, when it was cited in the book The Golden Turkey Awards, where it was listed as the "Most Unerotic Concept in Pornography."

At this writing, no print of the film has been located. It was cited among the most sought-after lost films by the online magazine Film Threat.

Several Internet sites have attempted to debunk Him as a hoax, owing to authors Harry and Michael Medveds' admission (within the book) that one of the films referenced in the pages of The Golden Turkey Awards was fabricated. However, the real hoax was Dog of Norway, a fictitious movie illustrated with a photograph of the Medveds' pet dog. Reviews of Him from Screw magazine, Variety and The Village Voice have also been uncovered, along with several newspaper advertisements for its New York theatrical run.

Him (Sarah Brightman song)

"Him" is a 1983 single by Sarah Brightman. It peaked at #55 in the UK charts.

Him (play)

Him is a 1995 play written by actor Christopher Walken, who also took the lead role and which debuted in the New York Shakespeare Festival. It revolved around the afterlife of Elvis Presley, the singer who, as the author himself turned 15, became his first idol. The play, Walken's first venture into playwriting, adopts a surreal tone, and is replete with references to aspects of Presley's life, as well as to other pieces of theatre, including Hamlet and those of Tennessee Williams. While it enjoyed some positive comments, it was largely panned by the critics.

Him (Rupert Holmes song)

"Him" is a song written and recorded by American singer and songwriter Rupert Holmes. It was released in January 1980 as the second single from the album, Partners in Crime.

The song peaked at number six on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 on March 29, 1980 and remained at that position for two weeks. It was Holmes' biggest Adult Contemporary hit, peaking at number four in both the United States and Canada.

The song is sung from the point of view of a man who suspects that his wife or girlfriend is cheating on him when he discovers a pack of cigarettes that do not belong to him. Although he knows that she will tell him that the unknown other man is "just a friend," nor has he ever seen the alleged other man, the narrator doesn't believe her expected alibi and plans to tell her bluntly, "It's me or it's him."

Usage examples of "him".

To the painter I wrote that I felt that I had deserved the shameful insult he had given me by my great mistake in acceding to his request to honour him by staying in his house.

He invited me to come and spend a whole day with him, naming the days when I would be certain to find him at home, but he advised me to consult the Pacha Osman before accepting his invitation.

In the beginning of November I sold shares for fifty thousand francs to a man named Gamier, living in the Rue du Mail, giving up to him a third part of the materials in my warehouse, and accepting a manager chosen by him and paid by the company.

I thanked him for doing Margarita the honour of accepting a cup of coffee from her hands, and begged him to take one with me, saying I would breakfast with him next morning.

I asked about him before accepting the invitation, and I heard nothing but good.

At that moment I saw Petronio going by, and availing myself of a moment when the officer was talking to someone, I told him not to appear to be acquainted with me, but to tell me where he lived.

Dandolo asked me whether I would answer a question he would ask, the interpretation of which would belong only to him, as he was the only person acquainted with the subject of the question.

I certainly did not act towards them with a true sense of honesty, but if the reader to whom I confess myself is acquainted with the world and with the spirit of society, I entreat him to think before judging me, and perhaps I may meet with some indulgence at his hands.

The abbe being intimately acquainted with them, I gathered from him all the information I required, and, amongst other things, I heard that the young countess had a brother, then an officer in the papal service.

Tramontini, with whom I had become acquainted, presented him to his wife, who was called Madame Tasi.

I can assure you that the friend, to whom we will give a spectacle worthy of Paphos and Amathos, shall see or hear nothing likely to make him suppose that I am acquainted with his secret.

I have met him in good houses, and knowing that I was acquainted with you he addressed himself to me.

While I was staying with him I became acquainted with some of his weak points, and endeavoured to correct them, at which he took great offence.

She paid him a daily visit, but always escorted by her mother, a former actress, who had retired from the stage in order to work out her salvation, and who, as a matter of course, had made up her mind to combine the interests of heaven with the works of this world.

Seven or eight days afterwards, Paterno told me that the actress had related the affair to him exactly in the same words which I had used, and she had added that, if I had ceased my visits, it was only because I was afraid of her taking me at my word in case I should renew my proposal.