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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
describe how/why/what etc
▪ It’s difficult to describe how I feel.
How are you off for (=do you have enough?)
How are you off for sports equipment?
How could...possibly
How could anyone possibly do such a thing?
How did...know (=how did he find information about)
How did he know our names?
How do you know (=what makes you sure)
How do you know he won’t do it again?
How do you mean (=used to ask someone to explain what they have just said)
▪ ‘In three hours’ time, I’ll be a free man.‘ ’How do you mean?'
How do you spell
How do you spell ‘juice’?
How does that sound (=used to ask someone what they think of your suggestion)
▪ I’ll come over to Richmond and take you out for dinner. How does that sound?
how extraordinary!British Englishspoken (= used to express surprise)
How far
How far do those old, outdated laws affect today’s legislation?
How heavy (=how much does it weigh?)
How heavy is the parcel ?
How high
How high is the Eiffel Tower?
How long
How long will it take to get there?
How long
How long is your garden?
how much better/nicer/easier etc
▪ I was surprised to see how much better she was looking.
▪ How much better life would be if we returned to the values of the past!
how much more/longer/further
▪ How much longer do we have to wait?
▪ How much further is it?
how much older/smaller etc
▪ She kept weighing herself to see how much heavier she was getting.
how worth
▪ Do you know how much the ring is worth?
how much...weighs
▪ Do you know how much it weighs?
How often
How often do you see your parents?
how old is …?
▪ ‘How old is your daughter?’ ‘She’s ten.’
how shall I/we put it? (=used before saying something in an indirect or polite way)
▪ Mr Lewis is now – how shall we put it? – hardly the influence he once was.
How soon
How soon can you finish the report?
How tall
How tall is that building?
How would you like (=would you like)
How would you like to spend the summer in Italy?
how/however much
▪ You know how much I care about you.
▪ I think you have to accept the pain, however much it hurts. (=how much do you like it)
How do you like living in London ?
Isn’t it strange how
Isn’t it strange how animals seem to sense danger?
it is debatable whether/how etc
▪ It’s debatable whether this book is as good as her last.
▪ Whether the object was used for rituals is highly debatable.
It’s amazing how
It’s amazing how often you see drivers using mobile phones.
It’s funny how
It’s funny how you remember the words of songs, even ones you don’t really like.
It’s incredible how much
It’s incredible how much Tom has changed since he met Sally.
see how it goes/see how things go (=used when you are going to do something and will deal with problems if they happen)
▪ I don’t know. We’ll just have to see how it goes on Sunday.
see how it goes/see how things go (=used when you are going to do something and will deal with problems if they happen)
▪ I don’t know. We’ll just have to see how it goes on Sunday.
the legend tells how
▪ The legend tells how the King of Troy offended Poseidon, the sea god.
what/how/who etc the fuck
▪ What the fuck do you think you’re doing?
where/how do things stand? (=used to ask what is happening in a situation)
▪ Where do things stand in terms of the budget?
where/how/who etc the heck
▪ Where the heck are we?
▪ The outcome showed both how near and how far Bohr had been with his improvising stab at reality.
▪ It helps her remember how far things have come.
▪ Iron deficiency anaemia - how far to investigate?
▪ And how far back can the Neanderthal lineage be traced?
▪ This would allow direct measurement of how far senescence in the original population had been caused by accumulation of partially recessive mutations.
▪ Nomatterwhere we go in space, nor how far back in time, we find power.
▪ This all went to show just how far Quigley had slipped since I Testified.
▪ She looked suspiciously and said how far, how long etc.
▪ Everyone was so encouraged, once we'd done one part and realised how good it looked.
▪ When we succeed, we talk about how good things are today.
▪ I am well aware of my hon. Friend's constituency interest as I visited that company and know how good it is.
▪ No matter how good things are, we cycle into difficult times.
▪ Something I should have mentioned earlier is just how good gold prospecting is as a family hobby.
▪ Just how good can it be?
▪ If the 420SE is this good, how good is its replacement going to be?
▪ The best part is when they talked about the Celtics and how good they once were.
▪ Apart from not knowing how long to sub-let the space for, there are other considerations that dictate a company's strategy.
▪ Again, this depends on what you are looking for and how long you plan to stay.
▪ The 1990s then will provide the proof of just exactly how long term the effects of privatisation will be.
▪ An analysis of how long it will take for all HIV-infected cells to die off.
▪ They'd been friends for some time when I first knew them but I didn't realise how long.
▪ The key question, of course, was just how long would that disintegration take?
▪ There was the main staircase she had climbed with Clive a while - how long? - ago.
▪ I sat down to write, but it is hard to tell for how long.
▪ Everyone knew the story of how old man Reynolds had come up from nothing to be a landowner.
▪ The myth of philanthropy is quickly discredited by a realistic look at how older people lead their lives.
▪ I asked Nakki how old she was.
▪ I had forgotten how old I was until the accursed Purves and Noakes popped up to remind me.
▪ She gives her half-laugh and tells me she doesn't know how old people generally are when they get married.
▪ That was to stop him asking nosy questions, like how old you was.
▪ The people I used to hang around with were much older than me anyway, they never knew how old I was.
▪ They asked how we linked words with objects.
▪ If the provider has a single connection to the outside world, ask how often it fails and the length of downtime.
▪ While in Bactria, Zhang saw trade goods from Sichuan and asked how they had come there.
▪ When asked how his constituents were dealing with the crisis, freshman Rep.
▪ And now everyone is wandering around asking how to live.
▪ Look for interactive care, she says, and ask how they discipline children.
▪ He asked how much the Drugs Squad knew about them.
▪ Astonished, she asked how the company could charge so little.
▪ For example, let us consider how we would set about studying levels of violence in residential establishments for children.
▪ Nowhere, unfortunately, does Dobson consider how baiting fits into the cycle of violence itself.
▪ We considered how much we, ourselves, hold on to an eternally-caring-for-others role.
▪ She has imagined what that would do to Karen and has considered how the other players would take it.
▪ Following this, we shall consider how to detect the right generic strategy.
▪ One challenge for local law societies is to consider how to serve all these different customers effectively.
▪ Take time to consider how the rest of your relationship is shaping up.
▪ We will consider how the term fairness is used in an adjudicative context.
▪ Role A: Teacher. Decide how you feel about this.
▪ Who decides how resources and goods will be distributed?
▪ The authors of reports and memoranda are now expected to decide how what they have written should appear to the reader.
▪ They decided how much of their services the customers needed and at what price.
▪ It is for the chief ambulance officer of each area ambulance service to decide how best to match those standards.
▪ Try to decide how friction works in the example.
▪ The first problem is to decide how the available packages should be evaluated and by whom.
▪ Who gave them the privilege not of working but of deciding how to?
▪ Again, this demonstrates how market imperfections may change the conclusions.
▪ She held them up to the light and spread her fingers inside to demonstrate how sheer they were.
▪ Second, they demonstrate how different presidential systems produce a trade-off between the principles of democratic efficiency and democratic representation.
▪ The event demonstrated how deeply seated were the suspicions of both sides, and how far apart their views.
▪ Here are some examples to demonstrate how badly some people write resumes.
▪ The long and varied history of the crinoids demonstrates how well the echinoderms have attacked the problems of filter-feeding.
▪ Dole spent much of the day trying to demonstrate how he has overhauled his campaign to conform to his populist message.
▪ No other word but redistribution describes how the money has flowed towards the poorest with a little taken from the top.
▪ Lenin declared in 1917, describing how the Bolsheviks planned to retain power.
▪ He has already described how Xerxes had admired and taken steps to preserve a beautiful plane-tree in Lydia.
▪ Siege Hours earlier Mr Thomas described how his world fell apart last Monday when he found the first signs of foot-and-mouth.
▪ Later, in his book Aromatherapie, he describes how he successfully treated several long-term psychiatric patients with essential oils.
▪ The poem then outlines the reasons for doing this, describing how the dead soldier always used to wake with the sun.
▪ I described how previous experience gave me the skills needed for the post. 12.
▪ The quality of the carers determines how sensitively and humanely it is administered.
▪ This determines how the pieces of steel meeting at that connection are joined together.
▪ Establish what services are expected to be provided. 3. Determine how these services will be provided efficiently and well.
▪ The physical strength of these bodies is a major factor in determining how hazardous they are.
▪ However, it is impossible to determine how this pattern is influenced by the known under-reporting of suicides.
▪ Long is trying to determine how much that hampered Earhart and navigator Fred Noonan as they searched for Howland.
▪ Factors such as temperature and acidity play a crucial role in determining how well the process works.
▪ Now you can determine how much time and money the project is going to take.
▪ Research may well be undertaken to discover how effective it is proving.
▪ When friends encountered him, they were shocked to discover how wracked by dysentery his body was.
▪ Similarly, it seeks to discover how efficient the competitive process is in weeding out relatively inefficient firms.
▪ But I discovered how much I had developed my own patterns, routines, and economies.
▪ It gratified him to discover how popular his singing was.
▪ Opinion takes a world of countries so much for granted, it is mildly shocking to discover how recent the concept is.
▪ For three hours he sat in the kitchen, discovering how boredom may alternate with terror, trying to stay bored.
▪ Geography was important because it would help the evolutionist to explain how populations were able to migrate and adapt to new locations.
▪ But don't expect me to explain how the brain does this.
▪ Sister Zoe explained how it would happen.
▪ Bob asks the questions then explains how the youngsters maintain his enthusiasm.
▪ The next chapter explains how to put these sections together with the rest of your document.
▪ It explained how he couldn't find switches and didn't know the layout very well.
▪ He never had a chance to explain how nationalism might have felt inconsistent with his faith.
▪ He survived but had forgotten how to live.
▪ I had forgotten how it was on the farm.
▪ But they forgot how time was-flying by, and suddenly Baba Yaga stood before them.
▪ I forget how to make the words come out of my mouth.
▪ Charles had forgotten how important these now were to the survival of a West End show.
▪ I learnt to forget how mentally and physically uncomfortable I was by forcing my attention outwards.
▪ He had forgotten how small London is.
▪ I had heard how lightly he dismissed the horrific offences of incestuous abuse.
▪ Returning missionaries spoke to large audiences who were eager to hear how their efforts elevated the heathen.
▪ I would like to have heard how your groups are developing and hopefully growing, and how you liked living in Paisley.
▪ I just wanted to hear how we were functioning.
▪ Then I heard how he lived hand to mouth in the Bronx, lobbying whom he could at the talking-shop.
▪ The premier's wife then sat Daniel Churchill on her lap to hear how he had battled against serious heart problems.
▪ Last week we heard how he taught with authority and concluded his teaching with an exorcism.
▪ They heard how Benstead of Meare, Somerset, spent thousands on brochures advertising the Poole-Bilbao service.
▪ These tactics illustrate how strategic behaviour can be used to consolidate existing market power.
▪ His case raises a number of issues about controversial speech and illustrates how one federal appeals court treated them.
▪ The experiment also illustrates how thoroughgoing one has to be in applying quantum mechanics.
▪ This outbreak illustrates how factors such as weather and demographic changes can affect the emergence of public health problems from infectious diseases.
▪ The intention is to illustrate how the conclusions regarding tax incidence may need to be modified when markets do not clear.
▪ In Fig. 6. 7 I have illustrated how this comes about.
▪ The relation is therefore a mechanism which illustrates how the labour market responds out of equilibrium.
▪ The actions of Tom, the head of a production unit, illustrate how self-oriented intents may override work-related objectives.
▪ You can imagine how frustrated I felt.
▪ I could not imagine how that was going to feel.
▪ It is not difficult to imagine how a disorder such as irritable bowel syndrome could affect a patient psychologically.
▪ You can imagine how loud a. 45 would be in a confined space.
▪ And imagine how much we can learn from them!
▪ For years and years, it warmed my soul to imagine how crushed he must have been.
▪ He could imagine how anxious she must have been, torn between two different kinds of loyalty.
▪ I imagined how our position looked from above.
▪ And I know how much the kids enjoy it.
▪ Lord knows how long we hang this way.
▪ Before you can begin to plan the layout of your shop, of course, you need to know how big it is.
▪ I do not know how Edna coped with her loss.
▪ This was one evil woman, no doubt about it, but she knew how to do it.
▪ Because-when I first heard the diagnosis of thought disorder, I know how devastating this is.
▪ At the time, it was the only way I knew how to deal with it.
▪ End users will need to know how and when to use the network.
▪ I learned how to put up wallpaper - I became quite expert at it!
▪ I suspect all doctors must learn how to turn charm on and off like a tap.
▪ If you do, it is time for you to learn how to select one.
▪ Self-advocacy requires training and support for inarticulate people to learn how to voice their needs and wishes.
▪ In Tampa, Fla., he posed with elementary school students learning how to run businesses.
▪ If you would like to reassess your life and learn how to use stress to your advantage, come along.
▪ I should have learned how to be careful.
▪ It does not really matter how you describe the style - Wimbledon, long ball, direct.
▪ No matter how much he tried to put it off, he already knew that it was going to happen this week.
▪ Seeing a bear like that is a magic moment no matter how many times you re-live it.
▪ No matter how good things are, we cycle into difficult times.
▪ It does not really matter how long or wide an aquarium is ... it is depth that gives water pressure.
▪ A deluge of medals somehow makes the effort look more meaningful, no matter how little valor accompanies it.
▪ It does not matter how many models the Fanatic spins through.
▪ No matter how much you argued and fought with each other, you always knew you could depend on the brothers.
▪ Perhaps it was too dark for Miriam to notice how Louise was taken aback by this remark, how she blushed.
▪ Similarly, a child with a visual-spatial difficulty may not easily notice how different building materials or action figures fit together.
▪ With satisfaction she noticed how her dear little hands were becoming calloused.
▪ Have you noticed how so many adverts for chocolate are aimed at girls?
▪ He noticed how much she had aged then, and he notices, now, that she has aged since.
▪ But Henry noticed how thin I was, and that I was laughing too much and could not sit still.
▪ Ever notice how they seem so much more creative than ours?
▪ It was then she realized how really serious this was.
▪ I had never realized how lovely they were, how kind, how unfailingly polite.
▪ Why hadn't she realized how hopeless she had become, how she had forgotten everything during those months of pregnancy?
▪ You don't realize how fond she is of you.
▪ I realize how much it takes to play this game and be successful at this game.
▪ Not until now have we realized how much we had missed birds.
▪ You realize how little you have in common.
▪ He liked to recall how bachelor officers and other ranks were all shaved in bed without being woken up in the process.
▪ At this moment it was difficult to recall how quiet, calm and determined she had been.
▪ Schiff said he could not recall how the panel settled on the $ 300, 000 figure.
▪ I can't even recall how I ended up with Derek - if that was his real name.
▪ Colton recalled how the proponents took their idea to the state historical commission in 1987 and received approval for the marker.
▪ Mary recalls how they were flat broke and almost living hand to mouth.
▪ They recalled how Fidel used baseball terms when he talked about operations.
▪ Also, should some one come across me, they would remember how the De Belving coffers have assisted Salamanca in its affliction.
▪ I remembered how I had nearly died that night when Shoshana had sent us to the private clinic to guard a corpse.
▪ She remembered how he had looked at her-awed, his eyes round in his face - and laughed, imagining it.
▪ Kip, remember how it went?
▪ He remembered how deep it was and how hard it was to break the earth.
▪ He remembered how disgusted he had been to see Carol, red-eyed from weeping, trying to coax Eunice up to bed.
▪ I remember how cold it was when we came down in the winter.
▪ I remembered how his skin felt beneath my nails.
▪ On the contrary, one sees how greater physical distance could well help to bring emotional relationships closer.
▪ He, more than anyone else, has seen how the Spiders have changed.
▪ Let us see how this has taken place.
▪ You can see how easily Liliane falls into the search.
▪ Thus the dentist can not see how fast it is spreading, if at all.
▪ They saw how often the first faint sparks of intelligence flickered and died in the cosmic night.
▪ They therefore look to social stratification to see how far it meets these functional prerequisites.
▪ Let us see how this comes about.
▪ Linda Watson examines how design has defined the female figure and shows how women have often suffered in the name of fashion.
▪ It is too important for such prophets to show how evil were the times and the people before the rescue began.
▪ Superimposed on this figure is the spiral pattern of Sga A West showing how the two are spatially related.
▪ We were shown how to summarize an opinion, argue with it, weave it into our own interpretations.
▪ It shows how really fragile he is at the moment, I suppose.
▪ She wanted very much to buy him something really fine, something to show how much she loved him.
▪ People rightly sound off about politics on television and the last two weeks have shown how sharp and articulate they are.
▪ An example showing how s673 would catch a back-to-back transaction in practice is set out below.
▪ Because shareholders can not tell how hard managers are exerting themselves on their behalf, managers have an incentive to shirk.
▪ Although it is difficult to tell how many vehicles have the looser belts, General Motors Corp.&038;.
▪ Colleagues wept as they told how she planned to meet up with a friend for a two-week walking holiday.
▪ It is too early to tell how good Jody is, how valuable she is to the program.
▪ And no-one can tell how well he's going.
▪ It is too early to tell how the bright idea may work in practice.
▪ He reanimated these bones but we are not told how he brought them to life.
▪ Today Cheryl tells how Michael Landon's constant vigil saved her life.
▪ We understand how deeply people can become attached to sacred objects.
▪ I understood how week after week he was all Clarisa needed.
▪ To understand how engineers are preparing for earthquakes, one needs to know a little about how buildings behave when shaken.
▪ I can understand how he assumed all that.
▪ I can't understand how it's happened.
▪ Nor had I ever understood how quickly babies developed through their phases.
▪ You will understand how exciting it was.
▪ Jessamy closed her eyes and wondered how she had lived without this sweet physical contact for so long.
▪ I wondered how easy it would be to hang yourself with your shoelaces.
▪ Gabby found herself wondering how Jane put up with them at all.
▪ It involves wondering how to use hard-won resources to achieve something meaningful.
▪ Some of those old guys are still around, shaking their heads, wondering how long this foolishness will continue.
▪ Female, she decided, then wondered how much editing had been done.
▪ I wonder how long my heart will suffer this.
I don't know how to thank you/repay you
I don't know how/why etc
I hate to think what/how/where etc
▪ But take care of them, darling. I hate to think what we'd do if they had to be replaced.
I know (just/exactly) how you feel
▪ I have a sudden urge to touch her, to hold her, to tell her I know how she feels.
▪ I knew how he felt about me -- a short blind boy who hated leather basketballs.
▪ I know how he feels about me!
▪ I know how you feel about it ... You would rather wait - wait till we're married.
▪ I know how you feel, Doyle thought.
▪ I know how you feel, they're all or nothing.
▪ You ran a decent campaign, John, and I know how it feels to lose.
a bit of how's your father
any old how/way
▪ By this time nobody was paying any attention, just stamping round any old how.
▪ Go back to living in proper departments instead of any old how all over the place.
▪ Like you they want to dance-not just any old way but a la Alvin Ailey.
▪ The doctors and nurses knew too and just treated you any old way.
▪ There's some stand any old how, you'd be really ashamed of them.
▪ They've dropped things just any old how, he thought, listening to the distant chattering of the nomes.
how (are) you doing?
▪ Hiya George how are you doing?
▪ How are you doing on those?
▪ How you doing, Mr West?
▪ William Yes-hey, how you doing?
how are things going?/how's it going?/how goes it?
▪ "Hey, Al, how's it going?" "Fine."
how are you fixed for sth?
▪ Hey Mark, how are you fixed for cash?
how are you keeping?
how come?
▪ "I didn't even eat lunch today." "Really? How come?"
▪ "She's moving to Alaska." "How come?"
▪ How come the sky is blue?
▪ How come Tyler's still here?
▪ How come you got back so early?
▪ And those bushy eyebrows that resembled dark clouds on his horizon.-How come?
▪ How come he's asked us to spend all this money and not them?
▪ How come I can't make her happy, how come she can't make me happy?
▪ How come Mrs Wall-Eye know my name?
▪ How come the vast majority of the population appears to want to play make-believe?
▪ How come you never asked me what happened?
▪ Joey, how come you never sweet-talk me in person?
how dare you
▪ How dare you make fun of me like that!
▪ Because you sacked Jim, how dare you do it?
▪ But now it's: how dare anyone step on what I have vacuumed?
▪ Finally, Neville Marten, how dare you dismiss the guitar as a mere machine?
▪ First, how dare she assume that our main goal is to walk, without consulting us in the first place.
▪ Mr Lang, how dare you, sir!
▪ So how dare anyone criticise a true champion who has proved herself over and over again.
▪ Stuff for kissing and cooing over, side by side, here, in my house, how dare you?
▪ With intense anger, I repeat, how dare she cast a slur on my character?
how do/can you expect ...?
how does sth grab you?
▪ How does going to Hawaii for Christmas grab you?
how far
▪ "How far is Newark?" "It's about 200 miles."
▪ Excuse me, how far is it to Times Square?
▪ How far is it to the nearest gas station?
▪ And how far back can the Neanderthal lineage be traced?
▪ But the question is just how far it can take him.
▪ It may be necessary to enquire how far her lust was excited, or if she experienced any enjoyment.
▪ She had played with that line before and probably, as a doctor, thought she knew how far she could go.
▪ The codes govern everything from how wide a driveway can be to how far back from the street something can be built.
▪ The question is, how far is down?
▪ We shall never succeed in reaching an agreement on how far back we must go.
▪ You can tell how cold it is by how far they fly before they crash.
how long is a piece of string?
how many
▪ He wouldn't tell us how many girlfriends he'd had.
▪ How many cars do you have?
▪ How many of you can swim?
▪ It is not known how many of the people arrested in last Saturday's protests have been freed.
▪ And no matter how many times you revisit the place, it never gets better.
▪ At first, nobody could be sure how many there might be.
▪ But he never imagined how many people hungered for homes close to central Phoenix.
▪ He deftly explains how many seemingly pleasant private decisions lead to distinctly unpleasant public results, such as increased economic segregation.
▪ He refused to comment on how many other special forces soldiers were involved.
▪ Now imagine how many we come into contact with every day!
▪ There were people calling radio shows calculating how many wins it would take to reach the playoffs.
▪ When it comes to fashion just how many women do know what they want?
how much
▪ By the way, how much does it cost to use the swimming pool?
▪ Do you realize how much trouble you caused?
▪ How much did your jeans cost?
▪ How much money do I owe you?
▪ How much nitrogen is there in the air?
▪ I'll get you some paint if you tell me how much you need.
▪ That's a beautiful rug -- how much did you pay for it?
▪ You received $50,000. How much of that money is still in your bank account?
▪ An on-screen gauge shows how much ink is left in each cartridge.
▪ Cast off a calculation determining how much space copy will take up when typeset.
▪ Everything gets registered by Mr Sorley so he knows how much work we've done and how much to bill the clients.
▪ I wondered how much this contributed to his aggression generally.
▪ Some things must be done before others, and this limits how much faster a multiprocessor computer can chug along.
▪ The High Court has also addressed the question of how much information such statements should contain.
▪ The problem is: how much of this picture can we trust?
▪ With a direct debit the person receiving payment tells your branch how much is due and when.
how should I know?/how am I to know?/how do I know?
how the other half lives
▪ High-ranking public officials should take the bus so they can see how the other half lives.
▪ Ye never knew how the other half lives!
how was I to know?/how did I know?
how would you like sth?
▪ How would you like a big plate of pancakes?
▪ If you were to have a new one delivered tomorrow, how would you like to learn how it works?
▪ Now, how would you like to eat tonight?
▪ Well, how would you like to take a case that lasts for at least four months?
how's life?
how's tricks?
▪ Hello Bill! How's tricks?
how/why should ... ?
it burns sb that/how etc
it cannot be otherwise/how can it be otherwise?
mind how you go
no matter how/whether/what etc
▪ Another 10 percent or so will vote Republican, no matter what.
▪ As devoted parents, they want to stand by their son no matter what happens.
▪ But inside the Forum, no matter how lopsided the talent levels, the setting alone made it great.
▪ But the algorithm is the same finite set of instructions no matter how big the numbers.
▪ My priority is to drive the business, bring in the revenue, no matter what it takes.
▪ The Universe is one organic whole, no matter how diverse and widely differing its manifold aspects may seem to be.
▪ Throughout the century, no matter what the current literary rage, Contemporary Romances have maintained a quiet, yet devoted audience.
not have a clue (where/why/how etc)
▪ After nine years of marriage to her I did not have a clue myself.
see/find out how the land lies
seeing as (how)
▪ And seeing as it was my brainchild, would you not say it was possibly the best commercial of all time?
▪ But, seeing as you won't tell me anything, I have to use other sources.
▪ I just slipped that in seeing as how you congratulated me on my history.
▪ I thought you might like that, seeing as you're so keen on birds and that.
▪ That seems believable, too, seeing as how he no longer can take out his frustrations on Sundays.
▪ The D-32 is very Martin D-28 in character - not surprising, seeing as that's what it basically is.
▪ This struck them as strange, seeing as how it was only just after four in the morning.
▪ Well, seeing as how you just lost one of your men, you might think about hiring some one to replace him.
there's no telling what/how etc
what/how about sb/sth
what/how etc the deuce ...?
what/how/where/who in God's name
▪ What in God's name is that noise?
what/how/why etc in heaven's name
what/how/why/where etc the hell?
▪ She admits there are no jobs and wonders what the hell she is doing.
▪ What the hell does the reaction matter if you want to do it?
▪ What the hell was he talking about?
▪ What the hell was she playing at?
▪ Where the hell have you been?
▪ Why the hell couldn't you have told us?
▪ Wondering what the hell he's up to.
what/why/how etc on earth ...?
why/how/who etc indeed?
▪ Actually science depends upon expert witnesses who indeed are not infallible.
▪ And why indeed should gamesmanship not exist in disabled sport when it is rife everywhere else?
▪ Meant especially for Prior Robert, I should hazard, who indeed thinks he chose her and ranks as her proprietor.
▪ The community service that is most interesting is by those who indeed are intellectually productive.
you have no idea (how/what etc)
How are the kids going to get home?
How are you feeling this morning?
How do I get to North Bend?
How do I look in glasses?
How do you get your CD player to work?
How do you like the painting, Chuck?
How do you turn the printer on?
How does American English differ from British?
How long are you going to be here?
How many people does each cabin sleep?
How much do they charge for a haircut?
How should I dress for this job interview?
How was your trip?
▪ Everyone was talking about how great the workshop was.
▪ Have you seen how incredibly messy Fong's room is?
▪ He was surprised at how bitter Sabina sounded.
▪ My dad's teaching me how to use email.
▪ She told me how to get to the Johnson's house.
▪ We don't know how she managed to escape.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

How \How\, adv. [OE. how, hou, hu, hwu, AS. h?, from the same root as hw[=a], hw[ae]t, who, what, pron. interrog.; akin to OS. hw[=o]w, D. hoe, cf. G. wie how, Goth. hw[=e] wherewith, hwaiwa how. [root]182. See Who, and cf. Why.]

  1. In what manner or way; by what means or process.

    How can a man be born when he is old?
    --John iii. 4.

  2. To what degree or extent, number or amount; in what proportion; by what measure or quality.

    O, how love I thy law! it is my meditation all the day.
    --Ps. cxix. 97.

    By how much they would diminish the present extent of the sea, so much they would impair the fertility, and fountains, and rivers of the earth.

  3. For what reason; from what cause.

    How now, my love! why is your cheek so pale?

  4. In what state, condition, or plight.

    How, and with what reproach, shall I return?

  5. By what name, designation, or title.

    How art thou called?

  6. At what price; how dear. [Obs.]

    How a score of ewes now?

    Note: How is used in each sense, interrogatively, interjectionally, and relatively; it is also often employed to emphasize an interrogation or exclamation. ``How are the mighty fallen!''
    --2 Sam. i. 2

  7. Sometimes, also, it is used as a noun; -- as, the how, the when, the wherefore.

    Let me beg you -- don't say ``How?'' for ``What?''

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English hu, from Proto-Germanic *hwo- (cognates: Old Saxon hwo, Old Frisian, Middle Dutch hu. Dutch hoe, German wie, Gothic hvaiwa "how"), from common PIE interrogative pronomial stem *kwo- (see who). How come? for "why?" is recorded from 1848. And how! emphatic, first recorded 1865. The formulation was common in book and article titles by then (such as The National Debt, and How to Pay It), but Pennsylvania writer Bayard Taylor, in whom it is first recorded, seems to regard it as a German or German-American expression.


Native American greeting, Siouxan (Dakota hao, Omaha hau); first recorded 1817 in English, but noted early 17c. by French missionary Jean de Brebeuf among Hurons as an expression of approval (1636).


Etymology 1 adv. To what degree. conj. 1 In which way; in such way. 2 that, the fact that, the way that. n. The means by which something is accomplished. Etymology 2

interj. (non-gloss definition: A greeting, used in representations of Native American speech.) Etymology 3

n. 1 (context dialectal English) An artificial barrow or tumulus. 2 (context dialectal English) A small hill in northern England. (Usage preserved mainly in place names.)

  1. adv. to what extent or amount or degree; "how tall is she?"

  2. in what way or manner or by what means (`however' is sometimes used as an intensive form of `how'); "how did you catch the snake?"; "he told us how he did it"; "however did you get here so soon?" [syn: however]


How may refer to:

  • How (greeting), a greeting in some representations of Native American/First Nations speech
  • How, an interrogative word in English grammar
  • How?, one of the Five Ws in journalism
HOW (magazine)

HOW (ISSN 0886-0483) is a bimonthly magazine for graphic designers. Launched in 1985, HOW is edited by Megan Lane Patrick. HOW is published by F+W Media of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Regular sections on business, creativity, design, and technology help designers, whether they work for a design firm, for an in-house design department or for themselves to become more inspired, more creative and more successful.

Currently, HOW publishes six issues a year and hosts six creative competitions in graphic design, logo design, promotion and marketing, interactive media and inhouse design.

HOW also offers an online education program, launched in December 2011 called HOW Design University (HOW U). HOW U provides online learning opportunities for creative professionals in a variety of formats including online design courses, online design bootcamps and live tutorials (webinars). HOW U is professional-level continuing education helping designers get the tools to prepare you for today's most popular graphic design jobs.

How (greeting)

The word "How" or Howgh is a word used as a greeting or particle in the sense of I have spoken in some Native American languages and their popular representations. It is a part of popular depictions of Native Americans in various novels as of James Fenimore Cooper or Karl May and further media.

How (TV series)

How was a British educational television show created by Jack Hargreaves. It was produced from 1966 by Southern Television, for whom Hargreaves was a presenter and Deputy Programme Controller. It lasted until 1981, when the company lost its franchise to TVS.

How (video game)

How (stylized as HOW) is a freeware, indie 2D platform videogame for Windows-based machines released in 2012 by Danish videogame developer Michael Jensen which became notorious for its high difficulty level and unfair abuse of the player based on unexpected death traps.

How (surname)

How is a surname, derived either from a contraction of Howe, or from various place names such as How, Cumbria. It may also be a variant spelling of the Chinese surname Hao. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Bradford How (born 1977), Canadian video jockey
  • James Eads How (1874–1930), American hobo organizer
  • Jamie How (born 1981), New Zealand cricketer
  • Jane How (born 1951), English actress
  • Martin How (born 1931), British composer and organist
  • Richard How (born 1944), Australian rugby union player
  • William Walsham How (1823–1897), English bishop of Wakefield
How (philosophy)

How is a philosophical framework for the changing role of behavior, governance, culture and leadership in contemporary society.

How was introduced by The New York Times best-selling book of the same name, written by Dov Seidman in 2007 and expanded with a foreword by former United States President Bill Clinton in 2011.

The How philosophy has been cited as influential by Nobel peace prize laureate Elie Wiesel, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, and is frequently discussed in the New York Times, business thought publications and books.

Since 2011, The HOW Column has appeared in Forbes and several international publications and it previously appeared in Business Week. How has been a presentation topic at the World Economic Forum, the United Nations and the Aspen Ideas Festival.

Usage examples of "how".

I interrupted Abey in the middle of his telling me how beautiful Cleveland was in the winter and went to call her.

Yet how should he not go to Utterbol with the Damsel abiding deliverance of him there: and yet again, if they met there and were espied on, would not that ruin everything for her as well as for him?

Beyond that, I have no knowledge of how my father managed to enhance psychic ability in the men.

And when I asked him how an abo could possibly have known what copper looked like in the ground, he said the man had been employed at one of the mines near Nullagine.

They will all have learned that we have a French officer aboard and be wondering how we, a privateer, came across him.

I began to wonder what it was like for Aboriginal people with really dark skin and broad features, how did Australians react to them?

I used to feel so sorry for these Aboriginal people, I wondered how they could come to be so poor.

Looking back now, I suppose she knew more about how Aboriginal people were treated than I did.

however, the Supreme Court declined to sustain Congress when, under the guise of enforcing the Fourteenth Amendment by appropriate legislation, it enacted a statute which was not limited to take effect only in case a State should abridge the privileges of United States citizens, but applied no matter how well the State might have performed its duty, and would subject to punishment private individuals who conspired to deprive anyone of the equal protection of the laws.

So I told him all about it, about my purse being returned to me and about Sean Metcalfe absconding and how I was certain almost that it was him.

And if the intent-of-the-voter standard is appropriate for counting all absentee ballots, even those that are not damaged and could have been counted by machine, then how can it be inappropriate for counting all damaged and undamaged ballots?

Kosmos into a flatland interlocking order of holistic elements, with the embarrassed subject dangling over the flatland holistic world with absolutely no idea how it got there.

GREAT scandal of our Space Station Freedom, abuilding now, is not really how much it will cost.

The child, no matter how abused, still wanted to love and admire her parents, and particularly her father.

The long list of excuses dramatically illustrates to the abuser how many ways his mind distorts and denies reality.