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HCE may refer to:

  • HCE (car), a British cyclecar
  • Choriolysin H, an enzyme
  • Harvey Comics Entertainment
  • Hawaii Creole English language
  • Hexachloroethane
  • Hierarchical Cluster Engine Project
  • Host card emulation
  • RNGTT, a protein
  • Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker, a character in James Joyce's novel Finnegans Wake
HCE (car)

The HCE was a British four wheeled cyclecar made in 1912 and 1913 originally by H.C.E. Cars of London SW and later by the Easycar Company at a site with test track in Harold Wood, Essex.

The car used a single cylinder Buckingham engine with a tax rating of 6/8 HP driving by chain to a two speed gearbox and then by belt to the rear wheels.

A range of body styles were advertised including four seaters. In 1913, and very unusual for the time, four wheel brakes were fitted.