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HYN may refer to:

  • Haryanwala railway station, in Pakistan
  • Hyndland railway station, in Glasgow, Scotland
  • Taizhou Luqiao Airport, in Zhejiang Province, China

Usage examples of "hyn".

It lies between you and Hyn, who bowed her head to you, as it lies also between the sleepless one and Hynyn.

And if by some ill chance Hyn should perish while you remain alive and in need, another RanyHyn will take her place, that their acceptance may be preserved.

Whether she felt ready or not, able or not, she would have to ride Hyn eventually.

Together, stately as frigates, Hyn and Hynyn walked out of the clearing among the Ramen.

When she had resumed her seat, Hyn and Hynyn trotted out of the gully to continue their journey.

Hynyn and Hyn exploded away from the waters and began to thunder around the dell as if they had plunged into frenzy.

For a long moment while Hynyn and Hyn raced each other around the valley, he said nothing.

Around them, Hyn and Hynyn constricted their circle as if they were focusing their frenzy inward, onto their riders.

While Stave confronted Esmer, and the Ramen waited in suspense, she wondered vaguely how Hyn and Hynyn alone made so much noise on the sodden grass.

Other RanyHyn, three, four, five of them, followed Hyn and Hynyn galloping between the shelters toward Linden and her companions.

Instead of sending Hyn down into the basin, she remained where she was.

But their RanyHyn were a stride behind Hyn as Linden neared the line where the dying liquid had been cut off.

If Hyn had carried her into the bottom of the crease, she would have been stung by forces strong enough to stun her.

The great horses were not easily frightened, but Hyn was afraid now, champing for movement.

As Hyn pounded among the massed forces of the Demondim, more RanyHyn joined her, two or three.