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Hou or HOU may refer to:

  • Hou (surname)
  • -hou, a place-name element
  • Hou (currency) (Chinese: ), a unit of currency in Greater China
  • Hou (title) (Chinese: ), a title in ancient China
  • Denglong, or Hou (Chinese: ), a Chinese legendary creature
  • Hands-On Universe, an educational program
  • Hellenic Open University, in Patras, Greece
  • Hero of Ukraine
  • , an album by Maximum the Hormone
  • Houston, Texas, United States
    • Houston Rockets
    • Houston Texans
  • William P. Hobby Airport, in Houston, Texas, United States
Hou (title)

Hou is a tile for ancient Chinese ruler, which may equivalent to King/Queen or Emperor/Empress.

The Chinese characterHou is an ideogrammic compounds, in oracle bone script it is written the same as Si(司, means "to rule") as the combination of mouth and hand. Hou usually refers to female rulers in oracle bone script. In Xia Dynasty, the title for Kings of Xia are Hou, for example the expression Xia Hou Shi means King of Xia, and the contemporary leader Houyi. Kings of Shang Dynasty have their own title Wang, and Hou turned to refer Queen, the wife of King. This may reflect that rulers are female in very ancient times.

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Hou (surname)

Hou is a Chinese surname, listed the 80th in the Hundred Family Surnames. It is romanized Hau in Cantonese.

Usage examples of "hou".

Lady Hou, who happens to be one of the three finest poets in the empire.

The implication being that somebody was faking a masculine classical style, and by officially classifying genuine work as fraudulent, they have, in effect, deprived Lady Hou of her identity.

Some bright young man who had access to every kind of ling-chih presented a few choice Thunderballs to Lady Hou, and then he whispered something into her lovely ears, and - well, you know Lady Hou.

At length three men were thrust forward, a somewhat ominous trio as it happened, Pitokiti the Unlucky, Hou the Unstable, and Whaka the Bird-of-Ill-Omen, of whom Whaka was the spokesman.

Also he strove to serve Hou in the same way, but seeing him come, Hou escaped.

Still Hou went on talking from a distance, till presently there was a sHout--for there on the misty surface of the sea appeared a great number of large canoes, manned, some of them, by as many as eight or ten paddlers.

At a little distance, Hou the Unstable, while rejoicing in the victory of the tribe, declared that such fortune was not to be trusted and that therefore the best thing to do would be that they sHould all run away into the woods before it turned against them.

Ik hou van iemand, of ik hou niet van iemand, dat gaat heel eenvoudig bij mij.

Van mij hou je, op mij ben je nu niet zoo een beetje verliefd, omdat ik er aardig uitzie.

Ik hou niets van hem, ik vind hem bepaald onaangenaam: een onaangenaam mensch.

Freddy, blijf nu bij me, blijf even tegen me aanliggen: zoo, en antwoord me nu: hou je van Paul?

O, Lawrence, ik smeek je, ik hou zoo veel van je, wees niet boos op me, Lawrence, Lawrence!

He promised Hou Yi that he would have the magic pill when he returned.

So Hou Yi left and shot down nine of the ten suns, leaving the last to brighten the day and make the plants grow.

And when Hou Yi lay down for the last time and slept forever, that was when Chang-Er lay down too, threw everyone out of the Moon Palace and sealed it up.