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Hus or HUS may refer to:

  • Hus (surname)
  • Hus family, an 18th-century French dynasty of ballet dancers and actors
  • ://Hus, a Namibian mancala game
  • Croatian Trade Union Association (Croatian: )
  • Harlington Upper School, in Harlington, Bedfordshire, England
  • Hemolytic-uremic syndrome, is a disease characterized by hemolytic anemia, acute renal failure (uremia) and a low platelet count
  • Huastec language, a Mayan language of Mexico
  • Humboldtschule, Bad Homburg, a German gymnasium in Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Hesse
  • Sikorsky HUS, a piston-engined military helicopter used by the United States Navy
Hus (surname)

Hus is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Jan Hus (–1415), Czech Catholic priest, philosopher, reformer, and master at Charles University in Prague; burned at the stake for heresy
  • Charles Hus, dit Millet (1738–1802), political figure in Lower Canada
  • Eugène Hus (1758–1823), born Pierre-Louis Stapleton, Franco-Belgian ballet dancer and choreographer
  • Jean-Baptiste Hus (1736–1805), French ballet dancer and ballet master
  • Tim Hus, Canadian country-folk singer
  • Walter Hus (born 1959), Belgian composer and musician

Usage examples of "hus".

Ulrich hus lit her fag burn doon, and she drops it n stamps it oot, her heeled shoe twistin it intae the path.

Ah gits the heels ay breed n butters thum n hus maist ay muh tea stuck between them, smothered in broon sauce.

But muh Ma hus tae whack um whin eh tries tae ride Sheena up the leg whin she gits up tae go tae the lavvy.

Ah used tae hate the cunt when ah wis first-year, but when ye git aulder eh hus mair ay a crack wi ye.

Above them all, at a hus in the gable of a thatched cottage, stood the girl whom the Chevalier had recognised, anxiously watching the affray.

I was born and suckled on ship Samal Haran, learned the family trade in ship Eyasta Hus, and left the world ships forever after what happened in ship Chiar Frawa.

Hints between the lines of the songs the girl had written to delight her much older hus band, that the true match for Darius' heart and soul had not been, as the Darius-endorsed histories would have them believe, the First Lady of his household, the woman who helped him organize the Exodus, and the coarchitect of Rhomatum .