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Etymology 1 alt. (lb en dialectal) A hinge. n. (lb en dialectal) A hinge. Etymology 2

alt. A sound of laughter, with a sarcastic connotation. interj. A sound of laughter, with a sarcastic connotation.

Hár (crater)

Hár is a crater on Jupiter's moon Callisto. Its name is one of the many names of Odin, the supreme god in Norse mythology. This is an example of a central dome impact crater.


Har or HAR may refer to:

Har (Blake)

Har is a character in the mythological writings of William Blake, who roughly corresponds to an aged Adam. His wife, Heva, corresponds to Eve. Har appears in Tiriel (1789) and The Song of Los (1795) and is briefly mentioned in The Book of Thel (1790) and Vala, or The Four Zoas (1796-1803).

Usage examples of "har".

Betsy, met practischen waarheidszin, dong aanstonds, of zij er zeker van was of niet, op alles, wat slechts naar verheerlijking zweemde, af, en Eline, in eene behagelijke melancholie, onderscheidde meestal, na zulke terechtwijzingen, zoowel de eerste kiem, als de latere fantastische bloem harer voorstelling.

In het geheimste harer ziel was haar bewondering voor Fabrice ontvlamd in een hartstocht, die haar geheele gedachte vulde, en waaraan zij lucht moest geven zonder zich te verraden.

I then wound my pugree round him, knotting it tight to keep everything from falling out again, and we set out on the seven-mile walk to our village, myself in front, carrying the two guns, while Har Singh walked behind.

I was wondering if it might be Seel, but I did not recognize the tall har that came in through the curtains.

Ferelithian har, whose name has been given as Caeru Meveny, accompanied by a harling of indeterminate age and a human female, applied for an interview with the Tigron ten days ago, after traveling by sea from Ferelit hia.

The rest can start unlashing as Hars suggested, and unloading where we have to.

En zij holde met bijna kinderlijke extaze in zulke liefkoozende zinnen over Eline door, dat de trekken der oude vrouw, strak gespannen door de woorden harer schoondochter, weldra weder glansden van genoegen.

Otto Baron Van Erlevoort ter Horze, lid der Tweede Kamer van de Staten-Generaal, een tijd van ongekende kalmte ingetreden, toen vier harer kinderen de een na de ander huwden en haar woning verlieten.

En zij genoot in den triumf harer bevalligheid, toen zij, als zonder er op acht te geven, zag, hoe men haar betuurde en bewonderde.

He had an autocratic young Har on each arm, whom Lalasa told us were his sons.

She picked up her bag and headed down to the har bour, determined to be the first one on the ferry.

Kiukiu led Harim the long way around, away from the burned, scorched ridge where so many Tielens had died.

Tielen soldiers guarding the gate took charge of Harim and brought Kiukiu before their commanding officer, Captain Lindgren.

And the harim is of course always that of a wealthy man, who can afford sorbets and oils and silken trousers instead of cheap hand-me-downs that have to last you three years.

Algiers at the age of fourteen with a French soldier rather than go into the harim her father had chosen for her.