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Hru or HRU may refer to:

  • HRU (security), a computer security model
  • Human Resources University, part of the United States Office of Personnel Management
  • Herington Regional Airport, in Kansas, United States
  • Hruso languages, a proposed language family
  • Hru, a minor Enochian angel
HRU (security)

The HRU security model ( Harrison, Ruzzo, Ullman model) is an operating system level computer security model which deals with the integrity of access rights in the system. It is an extension of the Graham-Denning model, based around the idea of a finite set of procedures being available to edit the access rights of a subject s on an object o. It is named after its three authors, Michael A. Harrison, Walter L. Ruzzo and Jeffrey D. Ullman.

Along with presenting the model, Harrison, Ruzzo and Ullman also discussed the possibilities and limitations of proving the safety of systems using an algorithm.