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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a hard/tough row to hoe
▪ Improving schools with little funding is a tough row to hoe.
▪ They have a hard row to hoe.
▪ Graham Booth is using a 12-row Garford hoe.
▪ He'd poked at the soil with a hoe to give it a fresh look.
▪ He's saving three pounds a week and putting it in the post office at hoe.
▪ The hoes and rakes are still there, leaning against the wall, useless.
▪ The cattle are not used for draught purposes, since the fields are tilled with the hoe.
▪ Their time is constantly spent in tilling the soil, manuring it with ashes, raking and hoeing it with wooden hoes.
▪ We found him in a field with a hoe.
▪ You run in the compound, your grub hoe held at port arms.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hoe \Hoe\, n. [OF. hoe, F. houe; of German origin, cf. OHG. houwa, howa, G. haue, fr. OHG. houwan to hew. See Hew to cut.]

  1. A tool chiefly for digging up weeds, and arranging the earth about plants in fields and gardens. It is made of a flat blade of iron or steel having an eye or tang by which it is attached to a wooden handle at an acute angle.

  2. (Zo["o]l.) The horned or piked dogfish. See Dogfish.

    Dutch hoe, one having the blade set for use in the manner of a spade.

    Horse hoe, a kind of cultivator.


Hoe \Hoe\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Hoed; p. pr. & vb. n. Hoeing.] [Cf. F. houer.] To cut, dig, scrape, turn, arrange, or clean, with a hoe; as, to hoe the earth in a garden; also, to clear from weeds, or to loosen or arrange the earth about, with a hoe; as, to hoe corn.

To hoe one's row, to do one's share of a job. [Colloq.]


Hoe \Hoe\, v. i. To use a hoe; to labor with a hoe.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-14c., from Old French houe (12c.), from Frankish *hauwa, from Proto-Germanic *hawwan (cognates: Old High German houwa "hoe, mattock, pick-axe," German Haue), from PIE *kau- "to hew, strike" (see hew). The verb is first recorded early 15c. Related: Hoed; hoeing.


Etymology 1 n. 1 An agricultural tool consisting of a long handle with a flat blade fixed perpendicular to it at the end, used for digging rows. 2 The horned or piked dogfish. vb. 1 (context ambitransitive English) To cut, dig, scrape, turn, arrange, or clean, with this tool. 2 (context transitive English) To clear from weeds, or to loosen or arrange the earth about, with a hoe. Etymology 2

alt. (context US slang English) (alternative spelling of ho lang=en gloss=whore, prostitute). n. (context US slang English) (alternative spelling of ho lang=en gloss=whore, prostitute). vb. (context US slang English) (alternative spelling of ho lang=en gloss=to prostitute). Etymology 3

n. A piece of land that juts out towards the sea; a promontory.


n. a tool with a flat blade attached at right angles to a long handle


v. dig with a hoe; "He is hoeing the flower beds"

Hoe (tool)

A hoe is an ancient and versatile agricultural hand tool used to shape the soil, control weeds, clear soil, and harvest root crops. Shaping the soil can be piling soil around the base of plants ( hilling), creating narrow furrows ( drills) and shallow trenches for planting seeds and bulbs. Weed control with a hoe can be by agitating the surface of the soil or by cutting foliage from the roots, and clearing soil of old roots and crop residues. Hoes for digging and moving soil are used harvesting root crops such as potatoes.


Hoe or HOE may refer to:

  • Hoe (dish), a Korean dish of raw fish
  • Hoe (letter), a Georgian letter
  • Hoe (tool), a hand tool used in gardening and farming
  • Backhoe, a piece of excavating equipment
  • Codename for Hoechst AG compounds, e.g. Nomifensine = Hoe 984, & Pirinidazole = Hoe-088, etc.
Hoe (letter)

Hoe (asomtavruli , nuskhuri , mkhedruli ჵ) is the 38th letter of the three Georgian scripts.

In the system of Georgian numerals it has a value of 10,000. Now obsolete in Georgian.

Hoe (dish)

Hoe ( ~ ) may refer to various raw food dishes in Korean cuisine. Saengseon hoe (생선회) or "Hwareo hoe" (활어회) is thinly sliced raw fish or other raw seafood (similar to Japanese sashimi); yukhoe (육회) is hoe made with raw beef and seasoned with soy sauce, sesame oil, and rice wine; and gan hoe (간회) is raw beef liver with a sauce of sesame oil and salt.

Saengseon hoe is also called sashimi (사시미) although It is unknown whether saengseon hoe is derived from sashimi. Despite the government's efforts to purify the Korean language, the term sashimi is still used in many restaurants.

Fish hoe is usually dipped in a spicy gochujang-based sauce called chogochujang (초고추장) or Ssamjang (쌈장), and wrapped in lettuce and Korean perilla leaves.

When people finish a meal of saengseon hoe at a restaurant, they sometimes order maeuntang (spicy fish stew, from the fish heads and remaining meat) together with various vegetables.

Usage examples of "hoe".

But Asey had jumped out and was making a beeline for the minister, hoeing in his garden.

Jimmy de opnamen liet zien waarop duidelijk te zien was hoe een lichtvlekje zich tegen de achtergrond had verplaatst, op het ene beeld helderder dan op het andere.

En hij bedacht, hoe hij zijn kamer dan opnieuw zou inrichten, ruim en eenvoudig, zoodat men er zich in bewegen kon, zonder nu een beeld om te gooien of dan over een Oostersche draperie te struikelen.

Zij had zoo gaarne uitgeroepen, dat Freddy haar eens bekend had, hoe zij berouw gevoelde over hetgeen zij gedaan had, dien vorigen zomer.

Eene vrees voor haar leven belette haar te denken, maar hoe angstiger die vrees haar het harte omklemde, hoe krachtiger zij er zich toe dwong.

Moeielijk is het te verklaren, hoe een warmbloedig dier zonder bezwaar beten kan verduren, die voor andere leden van zijn klasse doodelijk zijn.

Zelfs de onverschilligste toeschouwer wordt geboeid door het verrassend schouwspel, dat deze zoo verschillende dieren opleveren en ziet dan tevens met bewondering, hoe deze schijnbaar zoo logge en stijf-ledige reuzen de hoogste toppen van de klip beklimmen.

Terwijl hij den bouquet in de vaas zette, bedacht Eline, hoe dit cadeau van den kleinen jongen ook een attentie van Betsy was.

They used a little shovel, though a regular clammer uses a short-handled hoe, digging the wet earth away much as a farmer digs away the earth from a hill of potatoes.

It was filled with hand tools for his new garden: a dibbler and a trowel and a claw hoe and a genuine Felco10 Professional Pruner.

Yarbrough zich herinneren hoe diep Alan Pace had nagedacht over de muziek die hij de Zangers als eerste zou aanbieden als een voorbeeld van de menselijke cultuur.

Ze probeerde woorden voor hem te vinden, de een of andere manier om hem te laten weten dat ze wist hoe groot dit verlies was, hoe zwaar, diep en breed.

Zij wilde hem laten blijken, hoe ze nog hetzelfde meisje van vroeger was, dat hem de waarheid dorst zeggen.

It makes the crystal escalator on the red volcanic slope look like nothing so much as a snake chopped in half with a hoe.

Wenn er, da ueber ihm die Himmel Famen hoeren, Fuer Friedrichen und durch ihn siegt-- Bist du--gesteh es nur der Menschlichkeit zu Ehren-- So schoen, als jetzt vergnuegt?