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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
Rt Hon
▪ Are you going to eat those fries, hon?
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1721 as short for honorable; 1906 as short for honey in the affectionate sense.


n. (context used only to address someone English) honey, sweetheart (qualifier: used as a term of endearment).


Hon or HON may refer to:

Usage examples of "hon".

Yet I feel that for the Keinaba family, whose wealth and acumen is known and admired throughout the Empire, to instruct one of their own to learn Anglais, one as high-ranking, as valuable, and as perceptive as yourself, Hon Echido, means that there is a more delicate matter you wish to broach.

Talking this way they reached the village of Bletchley Wood, set in a verdant little valley on each side of a swift-flowing stream and after an enquiry in the main square Tapper drove the van beyond the last houses and into a steep drive that led between high clumps of evergreen to Cedar Walk, the home of the Hon.

He heard Tapper hiss with pleasure and bowing slightly in the direction of the Hon.

All the proffered testimony on these several points was excluded while the Hon.

The guests at Worsted Skeynes on the night of the Rutlandshire Handicap were nearly all county people, from the Hon.

Burns wrote to serve Patrick Heron, of Kerroughtree, in two elections for the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, in which he was opposed, first, by Gordon of Balmaghie, and secondly, by the Hon.

The President of the United States directs that the four persons whose names follow, to wit, HON.

Tapton Everard, and such the story which the lively Caroline Ingoldsby detailed to her equally mercurial cousin Charles Seaforth, lieutenant in the Hon.

Smith, Douglas MacKay, The Hon quoted in Willson, Lire ofLord ourable Company, p.

The guests at Worsted Skeynes on the night of the Rutlandshire Handicap were nearly all county people, from the Hon.

Many, like everyone in Yamanaka Village, followed the teachings of Honen and Shinran, who explained in simple terms the way of Amida Buddha and the path to Sukhavati, the Pure Land.

Kamakura period, Honen received his early priestly training at the Tendai center on Mount Hiei.

He went through his formative years in an age when the fortunes of the imperial court and those institutions that supported it, including the Tendai and Shingon churches, were far lower than they had been during the youth of Honen or even of Shinran.

Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters Contents: Armstrong, Hannah Arnett, Harold Atherton, Lucius Ballard, John Barker, Amanda Barrett, Pauline Bartlett, Ezra Bateson, Marie Beatty, Tom Beethoven, Isaiah Bennett, Hon.

An' when mah show debuts, Salome, hon, ah hope people'U see me in a dif­ferent light.