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Word usage examples

Then with preluding low, a thousand harps, And citherns, and strange nameless instruments, Sent through the fragrant air sweet symphonies, And the winged dancers waved in mazy rounds, With changing lustres like a summer sea.

There was a certain mazy sobriety of demeanour about Mr Cupples all day long, as if in the presence of such serious things as books he was bound to be upon his good behaviour, and confine his dissipation to taking snuff in prodigious quantities.

Only the Oddlings ventured about the mazy Mire then, by ways they knew and methods they had perfected many hundreds ago.

However, one way or another I intend to have Oddlings loyal to us comb the more remote parts of the mazy Mire, where I know that there are hidden certain extraordinary magical machines of the Vanished Ones.

They moored next to the vaporetto landing stage and, after stopping to buy flowers just inside the cemetery walls, Eugenio led them in a little procession down the long cypress-lined gravel paths to the far end of the raftlike island where the route became increasingly mazy as though in imitation of the neighboring island these dead once called home.

Mazy Mire the lammergeiers flew, carrying Haramis and Uzun toward the ruins of Moth.

Four limpid fountains from the clefts distil, And every fountain pours a several rill In mazy windings wandering down the hill, Where bloomy meads with vivid greens were crowned, And glowing violets threw odours round.

How many times had he yearned for those mazy halls, the gardens and scullion hiding-holes, the warm comers and secret pleasures?

Sometimes they were just babbling, each to his own, but many times they came together in dim choruses that swelled, clashed, merged, and collapsed, like waves of a tide probing and seeking its way through the mazy back-waters of an estuary.

A few more cracks like that and the Mazy Zed project would be as good as in Davy Jones's locker.