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Etymology 1 n. (context South Africa English) Sour milk. Etymology 2

vb. (en-third-person singular of: maa)


Maas is the name of a river that is also named Meuse.

Usage examples of "maas".

The discovery was made by one Hans Maas, formerly Otto Krippner, returning to his rooms in what was once a gatehouse of the Wyatt estate following his nightly constitutional.

The reek of cheap booze as Maas pushed open the creaking door was an almost physical force striking him in the face.

Wyatt knew that this was an injustice, that without Maas his fortune would have failed long ago.

Why, Maas had forgotten more of psychoanalysis and the allied sciences than Wyatt could ever hope to learn.

Wyatt, Maas had gone out and quietly dropped the latch on the garden shed.

And whereas Wyatt had agreed that George Hammond should become a guinea pig, only Maas knew how far the experiment would go.

The preliminary phase of dream-inducement, fear stimulation, confrontation, battle and victory would take between two- and two and a half hours to complete, but Maas had told Wyatt that it would take six.

And where Wyatt had been left drained by the experiment, Maas felt only a soaring sensation of complete success.

Fourth Reich, with Maas the superhuman leader, Der Neuerer Grossfuehrer!

This single thought had been the start of the terror for Hans Maas, and it had been reinforced by the arrival of an envelope, German stamped and franked, from one Ernst Grunewald, his cousin in Osnabruck.

London of a Jewish delegation for talks on the Middle East problem, and Maas had carefully watched the maddeningly few TV screenings concerning these visitors.

And of course Exodus would expect Wyatt to give Maas every assistance in the realization of any such ambition.

If Maas was going to be found out, he would be found out no matter where he went.

Then, in late 1958 he had come to England, and shortly after that his passivity had been abruptly terminated when Maas was ferried across to him.

Wyatt had asked what it all meant, what new experiment did Maas intend to conduct?