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Mayr is a German surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Andrea Mayr (born 1979), Austrian female long-distance runner
  • Ernst Walter Mayr (1904–2005), German American evolutionary biologist
  • Georg Mayr (born 1841), German statistician and economist
  • Gustav Mayr (1830–1908), Austrian entomologist
  • Heinz Mayr (born 1935), German racewalker
  • Johann Simon Mayr (1763–1845), German composer
  • Karl Mayr (1883–1945), German politician and officer
  • Michael Mayr (1864–1922), Austrian historian, politician and Bundeskanzler (1920/21)
  • Rupert Ignaz Mayr (1646–1712), German composer
  • Simon Marius (1573–1624), German astronomer
  • Hans Mayr (disambiguation)

Usage examples of "mayr".

Ernst Mayr, the eminent historian of biology, says that Lamarck presented his view of evolution with far more courage than Darwin was to do fifty years later.

Those wishing to meet her, including the Mayr, may join us in the back room of the Nom de Nom for consultation.

Dr Ernst Mayr has said that the trend may now be in a downward direction - development of the brain stopped 100,000 years ago.

Ruth Crabtree, James Goreham, Sheryl Kolar, Rebecca Mayr, and Lyle Wiedeman all received honorable mentions.

Moreover, the leading families of Oberammergau, the families of Zwink, Lang, Rendl, Mayr, Lechner, Diemer, etc.

A fine, strong, masterful man of great stature and immense physical strength is the wood-carver, Josef Mayr, who now for three successive decades has taken this part.

He has never been away from his native town except once, when he went as a workman to Vienna, and once when, in 1870, the play was interrupted by the war with France, and Mayr himself was taken into the army.

Josef Mayr that in his representation of Christ he does not offend us by a single word or a single gesture.

For it is easy to see that Josef Mayr forgets himself, and wishes only to give a faithful picture of the events in the Gospel story.

Nowhere does the noble figure of Mayr appear to better advantage than in this scene, where, after a brutal chastisement, scarcely lessened in the presentation on the stage, the Roman soldiers place a cattail flag in his hand and salute him as a king.

The scene lasts so long that one feels a strange sense of surprise when Christus Mayr appears alive again.

Bohemian tin had been granted by Ferdinand to Conrad Mayr of Augsburg.

SF Sudoku puzzle, the subject of which was suggested by sudoku contest runner-up Rebecca Mayr, is solved using the letters AERIKNRST.

I am especially indebted to the Work, and the speculations, of John Alexander, Mark Boguski, Edwin Colbert, John Conway, Philip Currie, Peter Dodson, Niles Eldredge, Stephen Jay Gould, Donald Griffin, John Holland, John Horner, Fred Hoyle, Stuart Kauffman, Christopher Langton, Ernst Mayr, Mary Midgley, John Ostrom, Norman Packard, David Raup, Jeffrey Schank, Manfred Schroeder, George Gaylord Simpson, Bruce Weber, John Wheeler, and David Weishampel.

Mayo-Smith quotes von Mayr in the following example of the influence of the war of 1870-71 on the birth-rate in Bavaria,--the figures for births are thrown back nine months, so as to show the time of conception: Before the war under normal conception the number of births was about 16,000 per month.