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MACC (Multi Age Cluster Class)

Multi-Age Cluster Class (MACC) (or Middle Age Cluster Class in Coquitlam ) was originally a Vancouver gifted education program meant to enrich the regular curriculum for students in grades 4-7 (currently up to Grade 8 in the Coquitlam middle school model). The program opened its doors in 1994, one year after University Hill/UBC's much-heralded Transition Program for accelerated learners, to which some MACC graduates are accepted each year. The admission process for MACC involves several steps where a child's suitability for the program is evaluated. A student is referred by their home school, challenge-class teacher, gifted case-manager, or parent for consideration for admission. In Vancouver, students generally are asked to take the Insight test of cognitive skills which gives the selection committee a deeper understanding of a student's core skills. Children seen as suitable candidates are invited to attend the Pre-MACC Experience, a two-day session in Vancouver and Coquitlam. After that, students who are seen as candidates are invited to spend one or two days in the classroom at the school they would potentially attend. Offers of admission are sometimes contingent on this final step. In Surrey, the process is slightly different, as candidates only visit the classroom that they will be in for one day. The MACC program, despite its various permutations, universally emphasizes the creation of lifelong, autonomous learners who seek knowledge in an active and dynamic learning environment clustered with other high-ability learners. Teachers are chosen based on experience, ideally with course-work, training and/or experience working with high-ability learners. Many teachers have gone on to national recognition for their accomplishments while working in MACC, most notably the former longtime Tecumseh MACC teacher Ms. Marie Chomyn, who received the Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence in 2013, as well as 2013 Governor General Award co-recipients (and former MACC teachers) Ms. Graeme Cotton and Ms. Romy Cooper for their contributions to the teaching of issues related to national heritage. The current MACC teachers are Ms. cantelon of Tecumseh, Ms. Taylor of Osler, Mr. Webb of Osler and Madame Barber of Kerrisdale. In addition, many MACC graduates have gone on to national and international success, including Bryan Wong, twice nominated as a member of Forbes Magazine's "Top 30 Under 30" entrepreneurs.


MACC may refer to:

  • M.A.C.C., a rock band consisting of Mike McCready, Jeff Ament, Chris Cornell, and Matt Cameron
  • Master of Accountancy, a graduate professional degree designed to prepare students for public accounting
  • Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, a government agency in Malaysia that investigates corruption in the public and private sectors
  • Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, the chamber of commerce for metro Atlanta, US
  • Memorial Athletic and Convocation Center, a sports arena at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, US
  • Mississippian Art and Ceremonial Complex, a proposed renaming of the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex
  • Moberly Area Community College, a community college based in Moberly, Missouri, US
  • MACC (Multi Age Cluster Class), a gifted student program in Metro-Vancouver