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Mawa may refer to:

  • Mentoring Artists for Women's Art. This organization encourages and supports the intellectual and creative development of women in the visual arts.
  • Mawa, Bangladesh
  • the Mawa Clawed Frog, a species of frog endemic to Cameroon
  • Orang Mawas, a proposed hominid cryptid reported to inhabit the jungle of Johor in Malaysia
  • Mawa language (Chad),
  • Mawa language (Nigeria), a unclassified language
  • Khoa, a milk product also known as Mawa

Usage examples of "mawa".

At that time, of course, I was not yet at my full height, and since among the Nkumai, Mwabao Mawa was towering, I saw her as a giant.

I noticed that he obeyed as if Mwabao Mawa had great authority, and it occurred to me that perhaps a womanly disguise was not the handicap here that it had been for me in Allison.

Mwabao Mawa said, "especially since most of us know how little it conceals.

And worse, I had to watch as Mwabao Mawa casually took off her robe and walked naked across the room toward me.

I washed my face as silently as possible, while Mwabao Mawa kept climbing up and down the same three meters of rope ladder, so that anyone observing the strand in the night wouldn't know we had stopped.

I felt safe enough following the path in the dark, as Mwabao Mawa slipped off into the night of the trees.

It occurred to me that Mwabao Mawa would not be quite so open-minded about finding a man in her bed as she expected me to be about finding a woman in mine.

They used Mwabao Mawa as their liaison with what official government workers Nkumai had.

It was selling, of course, faster-than-light travel, as Mwabao Mawa had so blandly let slip and then covered so well.

No matter how alarmed Mwabao Mawa was, she wouldn't send troops more than a thousand kilometers to look for someone she had seen only a few meters off that very day.

And then a moment later, coming out of quicktime, I had seen Mwabao Mawa in the carriage in precisely the same place.

Perhaps they doubted it at first, but once word reached Mwabao Mawa, there would be no more doubt.

Then, strangely, I remembered Mwabao Mawa singing morningsong from a perch high in Nkumai.

But her death scream harrows up my soul as loudly as that of Mwabao Mawa, even though she (no, he, a bald white man ruling a nation of proud, unknowing blacks) had sung the beautiful morningsong.

He asked for training in the Anderson deception, and Mwabao Mawa taught it to him.