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n. Either of two extinct species of Hawaiian honeycreepers of the genus (taxlink Drepanis genus noshow=1).


n. black honeycreepers with yellow feathers around the tail; now extinct


A mamo or hoohoo is a pair of species of extinct birds. Together with the ʻIʻiwi they make up the genus Drepanis. These nectarivorous finches were endemic to Hawaii but are now extinct.

The Hawaiian name may be related to the name of the ōō ( Moho nobilis), a bird with a similar appearance. Another name for the mamo was ōō-nuku-umu, meaning "ōō with the sucking beak".

Two species are known.

Mamo (song)

"Mamo" ( Ukrainian Cyrillic: Мамо; English translation: "Mum"; Russian translation: Мама (Mama)) is a song by Ukrainian singer Anastasia Prikhodko. It is best known as Russia's entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, held in the Russian capital of Moscow. The song is performed in both Russian and Ukrainian, and was composed by Konstantin Meladze and Diana Golde. The song was first submitted (in the original full Ukrainian variant) for the Ukrainian preselection for that year, but failed to qualify, winning afterwards the Russian preselection.

As Russia hosted the contest this year, the song automatically competed in the final on 16 May 2009. It finished 11th with 91 points.

Usage examples of "mamo".

This happened quickly--the roar of flames, the clacketing of the rig, the heavy horses whipped to a lather through their fear, the wooden wheels bumping and veering between flames--but, quick as it was, Mamo never forgot.

Her fingers roam the cover but she has to be still or she will give Mamo the fidgets.

Sometimes, Mamo and Tress read aloud to each other, after Tress walks home from school.

She sees them in her head when she walks along Main Street with Mamo in the early evening, and when she lies in her bed later, eyes open in the dark.

She holds her arms open, and Grania walks into them and waits while Mamo smacks a kiss onto her forehead.

There are times when she walks outside with Mamo or Bernard in the evening, and electric lights shine out of a window and make not one but two shadows that glide beside her.

He carried the clock all the way from the beautiful land called Ireland, where he and Mamo were born in the same town, and grew up and loved each other and married.

When Grandfather died on the ship and was buried at sea near the coast of their new country, it had fallen to Mamo to carry the clock.

They travelled overland to Mystic, Quebec, where Mamo had a cousin, the only person she knew from the old country.

They fold down the covers and the ribbed spreads, and they air out their beds the way Mamo has taught them.

There was another journey to face over land, after they left the ship, and few prospects at the end of it--except for a cousin Mamo had in Mystic.

Deseronto, Mamo watched her daughter take on even more responsibility.

The editor fancied the story, but Mamo, who had seen other things, had not noticed any bantam hen or chicks.

But her skin became pale and colourless, and Mamo was shocked by the contrast when the red-faced infant, held upside down, wailed its short and sharp new breaths.

The afterbirth slipped into the basin Mamo held for it, and it was then that Mamo began to pray.