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Mair may refer to:

Mair (surname)

Mair is a surname in the Scots, German and Yiddish languages, deriving from Latin maior. Notable people with the surname include:

People with the surname Mair in Scots context:
  • Adam Mair (born 1979), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Charles Mair, Canadian poet, son of Scottish immigrants
  • Earnest Mair, Australian rugby league football coach
  • Eddie Mair, Scottish television and radio presenter
  • Gilbert Mair (trader) (1799 – 1857), sailor and trader in New Zealand
  • Lee Mair (born 1980), Scottish footballer
  • Norman Mair, Scottish rugby player and analyst
  • Rafe Mair, Canadian political commentator
  • Robert Mair, Master of Jesus College, Cambridge
  • Sarah Mair (1846–1941), Scottish campaigner for women's suffrage and education
  • William Mair ( –1897), politician in South Australia
People with the surname Mair in German context:
  • Paulus Hector Mair (1517-1579), Augsburg civil servant
  • Michael Mair (born 1962), Italian skier
  • Victor H. Mair, American Professor of Chinese Language and Literature
  • Wolfgang Mair (born 1980), Austrian footballer

Usage examples of "mair".

There the mad laird, or Mad Humpy, as he was called by the baser sort, often received shelter, chiefly from the family of a certain Joseph Mair, one of the most respectable inhabitants of the place.

Ye eywis huv tae pey fir yir fun at some point, and, generally speakin, the mair ye perty, the mair ye pey.

Ye may fancy, sir, what a stound I got, but I just spoke the kimmer civil, and speired for mair.

They tell ays ah should stey oan, they say thit ah could be good if ah applied rnasel mair.

Mair boatils n cans fly n thirs paggers breakin oot aw ower the place.

Abbey of Klais Mairi, chosen by Abbess Annora to begin a new Order of the Grey Marys in Caithness: Sister Siaran, Sister Besa, and the newest member of the order, Sister Alethea.

This wis me gittin right in wi the main men, jist as much as Terry n Billy wir, mibbe even mair.

So my gudesire, to ease his ain heart, mair than from any hope of help, told him the story from beginning to end.

Mugs, ah laugh, catchin a whiff ay Alec, whae smells even mair foul than usual.

English under a table, and gang hame to their mithers after, and think nae mair aboot it.

Mair curtseyed deeply, lowering her gaze in a gesture that might have been humble, if not for the carnal glint in her eyes.

Mair arranged with Borin that you would bear the tithes, and then she went on ahead, to the cathedral.

It wad take mair than a cauld wind tae kill a Scotsman the likes o' this one.

Covered o'er, we walked past the sentries, who're sleepy at this hour and anyhoo could scarcely see mair in the gloom than a female on some errand.

I askd them whare the kween an her gold wiz, but aw a got wiz mair bludy jibberin.