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Marr ( Scottish Gaelic: Màrr) is one of six committee areas in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. It has a population of 34,038 (2001 Census). Someone from Marr is called a Màrnach in Scottish Gaelic.

To the west, the mountain environment of the Cairngorms National Park sustains a well-developed tourist industry based on heritage and outdoor pursuits. Forestry and livestock farming are key industries, particularly in remoter areas. Part of the area has qualified for EU financial assistance. To the east, Marr has experienced population growth due to its strong commuter links with the city of Aberdeen.

The committee area consists of three wards of Aberdeenshire council:

  • Aboyne, Upper Deeside and Donside
  • Banchory and Mid-Deeside
  • Huntly, Strathbogie and Howe of Alford

Between them the three wards elect 10 councillors to the sixty-eight member council.

Marr (disambiguation)

Marr as a surname may refer to:

  • Alfred Marr (1862–1940), Australian cricketer
  • Andrew Marr (born 1959), Scottish journalist and political commentator
  • Barbara La Marr (1896–1926), American actress, cabaret artist and writer
  • Carl von Marr (1858–1936), American painter
  • David Marr (journalist) (born 1947), Australian journalist and author
  • David Marr (neuroscientist) (1945–1980), British neuroscientist and psychologist
  • James William Slessor Marr (1902–1965), Scottish marine biologist and explorer
  • Johnny Marr (born 1963), English guitarist, keyboardist and singer, and member of The Smiths
  • Leslie Marr (born 1922), British racing driver
  • Melissa Marr (author)(b. 1974), American author
  • Melissa Marr (b. 1971) Westchester, NY, American businesswoman/film producer
  • Nicholas Marr (1865–1934), Georgia-born historian and linguist
  • Ruairidh Erskine of Marr (1869–1960), Scottish nationalist and aristocrat
  • Walter Lorenzo Marr (1865-1941) American auto maker, inventor of the overhead valve engine at Buick
  • Wilhelm Marr (1819–1904), German agitator and publicist

Marr as a fictional character may refer to:

  • Kila Marr, Star Trek character
  • Visas Marr, Star Wars character

Marr as a place may refer to:

  • Marr, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
  • Marr, South Yorkshire, England

Marr may also refer to:

  • Marr College, school in Troon, South Ayrshire, Scotland
  • Marr Field, airport in Monmouth, Oregon, United States
  • Marr Residence, historic site in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Marr (automobile), American automobile company, 1903-1904, owned by Walter Lorenzo Marr
  • Marr Baronets, British title
  • Marr Prize, computer vision award
  • Birrarung Marr, Melbourne, inner-city park in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • Marr-Hildreth algorithm, digital image edge detection method
  • Marr & Holman Architects, architects in Nashville, Tennessee, United States
  • Marr, or Marrette, twist-on wire connector
  • Marr and Colton, an American pipe organ company founded by David Marr

Marr or MARR may refer to:

  • Minimum acceptable rate of return, project finance concept
Marr (automobile)

The Marr Auto Car was an automobile built in Elgin, Illinois by the Marr Auto Car Company from 1903-1904. The Marr was a two seat runabout with a single-cylinder 1.7L engine that was mounted under the seat. The vehicle had the first patented tilt steering wheel, changeable speed gears on a planetary transmission and a revolutionary new carburetor. Unfortunately the plant burnt to the ground in August 1904 with 14 cars inside. Only one Marr Auto Car exists today.

The car was designed by early automobile pioneer Walter L. Marr who had worked as an engine designer for Buick in 1901 and went on to be Chief Engineer there from 1904-1918. This car is believed to have first OHC engine produced in the United States.

Automotive historians credit Marr and his advanced designs with the early success of Buick which was the foundation for General Motors.

Usage examples of "marr".

Nearby, grasslands led into a fenced-off area of sandy slopes filled with marri gums, banksia and prickly bark or coastal blackbutt.

Once they had left the flooded river area the three were able to speed up their progress as they stomped over the wet grass on the flats and passed through an open land scape and under giant marri gums with thick trunks covered with grey to brownish-grey flaky bark.

Nearby, grasslands led into a fenced-off area of sandy slopes filled with marri gums, banksia and prickly bark or coastal blackbutt.

The girls were still in the coastal heathlands among scattered tall shrubs and low trees, having passed through the tall trees and open grasslands of the marri woodlands.

If you must know, Marra, the woman you replaced, was my closest friend in the company.

The front door was chained but Marra had been very good with such devices and had taught him a thing or two.

For no one since Marra had died really knew what memory meant to Devin d'Asoli: the way in which it had come to be the touchstone of his soul.

Using the skills Marra had taught him—it seemed several lifetimes ago—Devin picked the two elaborate locks.

Often he thought of Marra, arbitrarily cut off on the way to her maturity, to whatever she had been about to become.

Then Marra Annetsdaughter, normally a trembling rabbit, spoke up with more courage than any woman there knew she possessed.