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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Manx \Manx\, prop. n. The language of the inhabitants of the Isle of Man, a dialect of the Celtic.


Manx \Manx\, a. Of or pertaining to the Isle of Man, or its inhabitants; as, the Manx language.

Manx shearwater .

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1798, earlier Manks (1620s), metathesized from Maniske (1570s) "of the Isle of Man," from Old Norse *manskr, from Man (from Old Irish Manu "Isle of Man") + suffix -iskr "ish." Manx cat, without a tail, first attested 1843.


Manx is an adjective (and derived noun) describing things or people related to the Isle of Man:

  • Manx people
    • Manx surnames
  • Isle of Man

It may also refer to:

Manx (mythology)

Usage examples of "manx".

The captain intended to clear Sellafield steering to pass five miles south of the Chicken Rock Light off the southern Manx coast, then alter course to clear Point Lynas on the island of Anglesey - a slightly longer route than was strictly necessary, but what the hell?

Rikki and Manx might not be the most powerful shamans on the Northwest coast, but he was sure they could handle their assigned parts in the ritual.

He wished he knew more shamans he could trust even as far as he did Rikki and Manx, but those two would be all the help he had tonight.

I knew Cloudland customs, but Leo Manx and I ate together all the time on the way to the Outer System.

He caught Cinnabar Baker's quick look at Leo Manx and the other's tiny shake of the head.

Blond, looks like a fey elf, loves Manx cats, opera, and jazz dance?

It is very just and becoming in a long-tailed cat to have a surname, but it would be very ostentatious, and even dishonorable, in a Manx.

And now the monkey was gone, it was down the well, and one scruffy Manx cat with ear mites was not too great a price to pay.

A Manx cat, looking like a small bobcat, sat on the back seat ledge, a bored veteran traveler.

A Manx cat sat guard at one of the other windows, eyeballing him suspiciously, not moving a whisker.

On the sheepskin rug before the fire a Manx cat was dozing beside a pair of carpet slippers.

After World War II, she was sold to Bristol Steamship Company, Bristol, England, then sold in 1956 to the Manx Steamship Company of New York.

After World War II, shewas sold to Bristol Steamship Company, Bristol, England, then sold in1956 to the Manx Steamship Company of New York.

Since the war she had tramped the oceans of the world under the registry of Panamanian-one of thirty ships owned by the Manx Steamship Company of New York, plying in and out of backwater ports.