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Mazo may refer to:

Mazo (surname)

Mazo is a Spanish language surname, which may be an occupational surname for a person who used a mallet, or mazo in Spanish. Mazo may also be a locational surname for a person from one of the places called Mazo in Spain. The name may refer to:

  • Alec Mazo (born 1978), American television producer
  • Alejandro del Mazo (born 1980), Mexican politician
  • Alfredo del Mazo González (born 1943), Mexican politician
  • Danny Mazo (born 1986), Colombian singer
  • Gerardo del Mazo Morales (born 1976), Mexican politician
  • José Ricardo Mazó (1927–1987), Paraguayan poet
  • Juan Bautista Martínez del Mazo (1612–1667), Spanish painter
  • Michael Mazo, Canadian filmmaker
  • Phil Mazo (born 1981), American comedian
  • Santiago José García Mazo (1768–1849), Spanish writer