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MABA may refer to:

  • Maba, a plant genus now included in Diospyros
  • Maba, Shaoguan (马坝镇), town in Qujiang District, Shaoguan, Guangdong, China
  • Maba, Xuyi County (马坝镇), town in Xuyi County, Jiangsu, China
  • Maba, Indonesia, town in North Maluku
  • Maba language of the Maba people in Africa
  • Maba language in Indonesia
  • Maba Man, a prehistoric hominid from Maba, Guangdong, China
  • Maba, Thung Khao Luang - Roi Et Province, Thailand

Usage examples of "maba".

The Apaches would not camp near the bloated bodies of Daniels and Walton, and after offering water to Jess and Matilda, Maba took Matilda up behind him while another warrior took McCord.

He took a long drink from the waterskin Maba offered him, then handed it to Matilda.

He leaned heavily on Matilda as they followed Maba into a small wickiup.

He wanted nothing more than to sit down and close his eyes, but he waited until Maba left the wickiup before surrendering to the weariness that enfulfed him.

She wished she had her hat to shade her face from the relentless sun, but it had been left behind when Maba rescued them.

There seems to be general agreement that the Maba skull is Homo sapiens with some Neanderthaloid features.

It is easy to see that scientists, in accordance with their evolutionary expectations, would want to place the Maba specimen in the very latest Middle Pleistocene or early Late Pleistocene, after Homo erectus.

Although Maba might be as recent as the early Late Pleistocene, the animal bones found there were from mammals that lived not only in the Late Pleistocene, but also in the Middle Pleistocene, and even the Early Pleistocene.

The principal justification for fixing the date of the Maba cave in the very latest part of the late Middle Pleistocene or in the early Late Pleistocene seems to be the morphology of the hominid remains.

But since the Maba skull could be fitted into the standard evolutionary sequence, no one objected to its mode of discovery.

In 1956, peasants digging for fertilizer in a cave near Maba, in Guangdong province, southern China, found a skull that was apparently from a primitive human being.

And in a couple of days Maba comes back, looking sleepy and shiny and refreshed and exhausted.