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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mage \Mage\, n. [F. mage. See Magi.] A magician. [Archaic]
--Spenser. Tennyson.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"magician," c.1400, anglicized form of Latin magus "magician" (see magi). An "archaic" word by late 19c. (OED), revived by fantasy games.


n. (context fantasy English) A magician, wizard or sorcerer.


Mage may refer to:

  • Wizard class in most role-playing games
  • Magi, a tribe from ancient Media of Iran
  • Mage, Burma
  • Magician (paranormal), a practitioner of paranormal magic
  • Magician (fantasy), a practitioner of magic as portrayed in works of fiction
    • Mage: The Ascension, a discontinued role-playing game by White Wolf Studios
    • Mage: The Awakening, a current role-playing game by White Wolf Studios
    • Mage (comics), a superhero comic series by Matt Wagner
    • Mage (character class)
      • Mage (Dungeons & Dragons)
      • Mage (World of Warcraft)
  • MicroArray and Gene Expression, a standard for microarray information exchange
  • Multiplex Automated Genome Engineering, an automated form of the genetic engineering technique known as recombineering
  • Mage.exe, a software utility by Microsoft used to generate manifest files for ClickOnce
  • Magé, a municipality in Rio de Janeiro state
  • Mage, a number of samurai hairstyles including the chonmage topknot
  • A model of Mask/cage hybrid head protection worn by hockey goaltenders
  • Kamen Rider Mage, a Rider in Kamen Rider Wizard
  • Eugène Mage (1837-1869), a French naval officer and explorer of Africa
Mage (comics)

Mage is an American superhero comic book written and illustrated by Matt Wagner. Three volumes, each of 15 issues are planned; , two have been published.


Magé is a municipality located in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro.

Magepe-Mirim was established in 1566 by Portuguese colonists. It is a very calm place, especially compared to nearby Rio.

Mage (Dungeons & Dragons)
  1. redirect Wizard (Dungeons & Dragons)

Usage examples of "mage".

Chainer was sure no one noticed the arachnid as it scuttled to the edge of the pit and began making a wide arc toward the white-robed mage.

She would hold Aris back, prevent him from learning what other mage powers he had.

The mage had as much as said the amulet, the asphodel, and the raw snail were not enough by themselves to ward him fully.

Warrior Mage Lirsa Bekke with her own hands, and everyone knew the two events had occurred on the same day a thousand miles apart.

Granon Bekke, the Warrior Mage assigned to secure all known Ladders, welcomed Cailet to the wreckage with as much aplomb as if vaulted halls and velvet chairs lay within.

Mikel had evidently met Ollia Bekke already, and plied her with questions about how one became a Warrior Mage.

Granon and Rennon Bekke, Imilial Gorrst, several other Warrior and Scholar Mages, and a few enthusiastic Prentices around her.

Kamahl continued to run, keeping an eye on Brue and swerving back and forth to keep the mage guessing where he was headed.

Just as Kamahl was about to charge at the young mage, Brue dropped his arms to his sides, totally exhausted.

Old Mage, the alternative bids fair to be finding the cesspool before finding this gate, by the simple means of falling into it!

And as all the mages turned their eyes in his direction, the burly Hawk-Mage told them of his conversation with Crob of Abborij.

Once more, Myral repeated the process, and Cerryl tried to capture the feel of it, the constriction and the release as the chaos-fire arced away from the older mage, leaving another circle of clean brick, perhaps a cubit in diameter.

He had heard too many tales from the other mages in the Corps -rumours of rooms where magic would not operate and where a wizard could be imprisoned, as Ingold had been imprisoned in the doorless cell of Karst.

The pharaohs, of course, can be encapsuled in a cartouche, and even a mage much less puissant than myself can thwart any number of zombies.

Not even the Ennead, manipulating their web of mages from their dark fastness.