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Mauk may refer to:

  • Mauk, Iran
  • Mauk, Georgia
  • Maukspitze
  • Ben Mauk (b. 1985), American football quarterback
  • Bill Mauk, American politician
  • Stefan Mauk, Australian footballer
  • Mauk Weber (1914-1978), Dutch football defender

Usage examples of "mauk".

He and co-counsel Bill Mauk were handli their first murder case in the tradition of F.

It was as though Donnelly and Mauk had decided that the courtroom needed a change of air.

Clearly, Mike Donnelly and Bill Mauk had no intention of losing their biggest case.

Mike Donnelly and Bill Mauk emerged from the courtroom to the applause of the Dallas Cheerleaders.

The main force was up ahead, somewhere, and Mauk began to scan the ground beyond the swamp, glanced into the sun, now moving higher, thought, No, not that way.

One man was close to him now, and Mauk saw it was the boy, Wolford, with the freckled face of a child, who everyone thought had lied about his age.

Wolford stayed close to Mauk, always, and Mauk had patience, would look out for him, pull him in the right direction, hold him down when the volleys flew thick.

There was a small sound, and Mauk looked at the boy, and the boy pointed, wide-eyed.