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n. (plural of mat English)


Mats is a masculine given name, the Scandinavian form of Matthew.

MATS as an acronym may refer to:

  • Marc-André ter Stegen, a German footballer.
  • Measurements with Advanced Trapping Systems, an Helmholtz research group for young investigators.
  • Mercury and Air Toxics Standards, as set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Metropolitan Adelaide Transport Study, an abandoned transport scheme for the city of Adelaide.
  • Military Air Transport Service, a defunct command of the United States Air Force.
  • Montgomery Area Transit System, the public transportation in Montgomery, Alabama

The 'Mats is a nickname for rock band The Replacements.

Mats (name)

Mats is a given name, a Scandinavian form of Matthew (given name), and may refer to:

In sports:

  • Mats Olai Søvik, former Swedish ice hockey player
  • Mats Sundin, former Swedish ice hockey player
  • Mats Wallberg, Swedish ice speed skater
  • Mats Wilander, former World No. 1 tennis player from Sweden
  • Mats Magnusson, former Swedish footballer
  • Mats Waltin, icehockey
  • Mats Nilsson, Swedish grappler and mixed martial artist
  • Mats Hummels, German footballer

In music

  • Mats Gustafsson, Swedish saxophone player
  • Mats Ronander, Swedish rock musician
  • Mats Andersson
  • Mats Paulson
  • Mats Persson
  • Mats Olsson (musiker)
  • Mats Hellquist
  • Mats Olin
  • Mats Åkerlund
  • Mats Öberg


  • Mats Bergman, Swedish actor
  • Mats G. Bengtsson

In politics

  • Mats Hellström
  • Mats Odell

In other fields:

  • Mats Andersson
  • Mats Benesch
  • Mats Gabrielsson
  • Mats Gellerfelt
  • Mats Hinze,
  • Mats Hådell
  • Mats Johansson
  • Mats Larsson (författare)
  • Mats Olsson (journalist)
  • Mats Pettersson
  • Mats Wahl

Usage examples of "mats".

Memnanan sent an officer down with precise instructions, while Marak and his companions sat on mats in the shade of the awning and rested, truly rested in the bawling confusion.

They had long since rented small mats to sit on and had settled into their places, packed shoulder to shoulder with the Edokko on the bare earth of the pit.

It was made of panels of woven bamboo lashed between posts, with cast-off mats thrown over for roofing and held down with rocks.

Soon all the stands would be screened with mats or boarded up or dismantled.

She hurriedly unrolled the mats and laid one on top of the other for double thickness.

Kasane knew that her parents and her grandmother would be asleep on their frayed straw mats in the single room of their tiny house there.

When he saw the people clustered under straw mats and raincoats in the downpour outside the bathhouse, he went to investigate.

She unrolled one of the mats for Cat to sit on, then she took off her tattered sandals and stepped onto the far end of it.

Kasane laid out the sleeping mats, cut grass for pillows, and started a fire of pine needles.

Even after buying secondhand clothes and mats and other necessities in Okitsu, they could have rented a horse and traveled at least that far tonight.

Kasane piled their sleeping mats one on top of the other, and she and Cat lay curled together for warmth.

Kasane spread their mats where they could find room and lay close so they could whisper to each other.

A few booths and two-wheeled carts sheltered their owners, who slept curled up on matting with other ragged mats pulled over them.

In the center of the open space three mats had been turned upside down and laid side by side.

That next day, when they pitched the tent and lay down on their mats, Norit turned her back to both of them and lay apart.