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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Maja (genus)

Maja is a genus of majid crabs, comprising the following extant species:

  • Maja africana Griffin & Tranter, 1996
  • Maja bisarmata Rathbun, 1916
  • Maja capensis Ortmann, 1894
  • Maja compressipes (Miers, 1879)
  • Maja confragosa Griffin & Tranter, 1996
  • Maja crispata Risso, 1827
  • Maja erinacea de Ninni, 1924
  • Maja gibba Alcock, 1899
  • Maja goltziana d'Oliviera, 1888
  • Maja gracilipes Chen & Ng, 1999
  • Maja japonica Rathbun, 1932
  • Maja kominatoensis Kubo, 1936
  • Maja linapacanensis Rathbun, 1916
  • Maja miersii Walker, 1887
  • Maja sakaii Takeda & Miyake, 1969
  • Maja spinigera (De Haan, 1837)
  • Maja squinado (Herbst, 1788)
  • Maja suluensis Rathbun, 1916
  • Maja tuberculata De Haan, 1839

A further 12 species are known from fossils.


Maja can refer to:

  • Maja, the feminine form of majo, a low class Spaniard of the 18th and 19th century
  • Maja (asteroid), a main-belt asteroid
  • Maja (boa constrictor), a species in the Cuban cactus scrub
  • Maja (genus), a type of crab
  • Maja (given name), a feminine given name
  • Maja (peak), a mountain peak in Kosovo
  • Maja, a stereotypical traditional Spanish woman
  • Maja, Croatia, a village near Glina
  • Maja River, a river in Romania
  • Mája, the Hungarian name for Maia village, Bereni Commune, Mureş County, Romania
  • Maja, Banten, a subdistrict in Lebak Regency, Banten, Indonesia
  • Maja, West Java, a subdistrict in Majalengka Regency, West Java, Indonesia
  • Otto Maja, Finnish street artist
Maja (peak)

Maja is a mountain peak found in Kosovo.

Maja (given name)

Maja is a feminine given name.

It can be used as a short form of Maria, Mary or Magdalena in Europe ( Germany, Scandinavian countries, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia).

It can be used as a different spelling of Maya.

Usage examples of "maja".

The strength of the backwash told him the new Maja had a hell of a lot of power.

Once he had a suspect, he could bring in a Maja for a little surreptitious mind reading.

The board would damn well approve his choice, even if he had to have a Maja magically convince the holdouts.

Or a Maja, for that matter, since none of the witches last night had been interested in doing more than teasing him.

Besides, anybody I decide to tell usually gets a visit from a Maja fairly soon thereafter.

He had a very ugly experience with an unsanctioned Maja a couple of centuries ago.

Sometimes the decision is based on the recommendation from a Maja or Magus, who then does the honors him or herself.

Deliciously erotic as it had always been, the experience of taking a Maja had never been so intense.

And taking a Maja to wife would smooth his path to an alliance with Avalon.

The Maja made a gesture with her hands, tike something bowing under the strain.

The Maja drew a figure-eight pattern in the air with her new weapon, admiring the dancing sparks.

The young Maja cringed back against her vampire lover, who bared his fangs at them like a wolf.

New Maja tended to ignore him as if he were nothing but the sword he appeared to be.

But unless repeated sexual contact with a Maja or Magus triggered the Gift in their DNA, they remained mortal.

Gawain could walk away from a Maja like that, what chance did she have?