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n. (plural of mam English)

Usage examples of "mams".

The tiny mams had overrun those deserted areas and, more importantly the orders of aves had flourished.

Leaves, fruits, mams, arths, occasional gulps of water, pebbles to aid digestion-whatever had food value could be his meal, provided it was not poisonous.

And the little warm hairy juicy mams had emerged from their tunnels and hideaways to tread boldly in the open, overrunning forest and glade.

The mams learned quickly, however, and he found them to be much more wary of him after one or two of their number had been taken from any particular assemblage.

Orn had not seen such a rep in anything but memory before, except for the crocs, but it was familiar in a way the tiny mams were not.

Its diet consisted of arths, aves, mams, and anything else that offered, such as eggs and fruit.

There were small mams in far greater abundance in the north country, while the huge reps were comparatively sparse.

Through increasingly leafy trees they went, where mams twittered in the branches, and on into the grassy elevation where arths swarmed in sunlight, but Ornette did not slacken her pace, running up until the air became cool.

Here there was a higher plain, too dry and cold for the comfort of most reps though the little mams were plentiful.

The mams, like the aves, were able to move about as readily by night as by day, and a number preferred the cover of dark for their foraging.

Indeed, many would not survive long in this homeland of the reps otherwise, for there were many empty bellies and sharp teeth on patrol by day, and mams were tasty morsels.

Only by occupying regions too cold for the reps and by feeding at night had the mams prospered.

Orn stepped backward toward the nest, anxious to be with Ornette in her time of pain, but compelled to watch the mams lest they make some hostile move.

As the ptera began to stir, the mams unwound, attended to their special toilettes, and climbed back into their ugly fur.

Like all mams, they imbibed and ejected an appalling amount of liquid.