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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Malum \Ma"lum\, n.; pl. Mala. [L.] An evil. See Mala.


Mala \Ma"la\, n. pl.; pl. of Malum. [L.] Evils; wrongs; offenses against right and law.

Mala in se [L.] (Law), offenses which are such from their own nature, at common law, irrespective of statute.

Mala prohibita [L.] (Law), offenses prohibited by statute, as distinguished from mala in se, which are offenses at common law.


Etymology 1 n. 1 A single lobe of an insect's maxilla. 2 The grinding surface of an insect's mandible. Etymology 2

n. (malum English) Etymology 3

n. A bead or a set of beads commonly used by Hindus and Buddhists for keeping count while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra or the name or names of a deity.


n. the arch of bone beneath the eye that forms the prominence of the cheek [syn: cheekbone, zygomatic bone, malar bone, jugal bone, os zygomaticum]

Mala (caste)

Mala or Malla (different from the family/last name Malla from Andhra) is a social group or caste mostly from the south Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Mala is derived from the Sanskrit malla, which means wrestler. Mala groups are considered as Scheduled Castes by the Government of India.

According to Government of India census data from 2001, Malas constitute a total of 41.6 percent (5,139,305) of the scheduled caste population of the state. They are largely concentrated in the Coastal Andhra region. During the Adi-Andhra movement of the 1930s, several Mala caste people, including few Madigas, especially from coastal Andhra called themselves as 'Adi-Andhra' and were recorded in the census with the 'Adi-Andhra' caste name akin to Adi Dravida of Tamil Nadu. (Adi-Andhra is synonym word instead of using MALA In the ancient times, Malas were mostly village watchmen,domestic laborers etc., They were skilled workers too and were also recruited by the British Army because of their martial skills. Presently they don't have a specific caste profession and can be seen in many professions.It is directly the skill set which was identified by the upper caste people and segregation thereof. As such, Malas do not have any caste profession where the entire Indian castes were based on profession they have chosen to be associated with. Like kamma community who originally are farm workers, soldiers who are very much known for their bravery 'Padma saali' caste are the only people who are weavers. Malas have chosen to take up the profession of other castes which was at their reach.

The Mahars in neighbouring Maharashtra are akin to the Malas and the two dominant dalit castes in Tamil Nadu, Paraiyar and Pallar, tend to claim the inter-relation with the Malas, Mahars, Holeyas or Chalawadis of Karnataka and Pulayas. According to researchers like Ambedkar, the Mahars and similar communities like Malas were actually warriors of some defeated kingdom, they were pushed down in social status,they were disarmed but retained as village servants."

That happened in history. For example, there are Mahiya Rajputs in Gujarat and the more famous Khatris (Kshatriya, just like Malla) of Punjab. They were hindu warriors, defeated by invaders, asked to leave arms, the Khatris then took up trade and excelled in it.

Malas also have done well in various fields, especially in military.


Malå ( Ume Sami: Máláge, ) is a locality and the seat of Malå Municipality in Västerbotten County, province of Lapland, Sweden with 2,050 inhabitants in 2010.


'''Mäla ''' is a village in Muhu Parish, Saare County in western Estonia.

Category:Villages in Saare County

Mala (Pakistani singer)

'''Naseem Nazli ''' , popularly called Mala, was a Pakistani playback singer of Urdu and Punjabi films. In the 1960s, Mala was a 'hit pair for singing duet film songs' with famous playback singer Ahmed Rushdi and they gave numerous hits to Pakistan film industry. She sang many super hit songs in almost two decades of her singing career in the 1960s and 1970s. Mala's career suffered with the arrival of Runa Laila in the film industry.

Mala (Amazon)

Mala is the name of two fictional characters who first appeared in the DC Comics' universe as two members of Wonder Woman's fellow Amazons.

Malá (footballer)

Muhamed Lamine Jabula Sanó (born 6 December 1979 in Bissau), simply Malá, is a retired Bissau-Guinean football midfielder.

Mala (Kryptonian)

Mala is a fictional supervillain in the DC Comics universe. He first appeared in Superman #65 (July/August 1950) in the story "The Three Supermen from Space!"


Mała is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Ropczyce, within Ropczyce-Sędziszów County, Subcarpathian Voivodeship, in south-eastern Poland. It lies approximately south-west of Ropczyce and west of the regional capital Rzeszów.

Mala (Yolandita Monge album)

Mala, is the 31st studio album by Puerto Rican singer Yolandita Monge released under her contract with Universal Music Latin Entertainment after with the acquisition of Univision Music Group. This album was released on November 25, 2008, and follows the same musical and lyrical style as Demasiado Fuerte and produced once again by José Luis Pagán.

Mala (song)

"Mala" is the first single from Yolandita's 31st studio album, Mala. This song was written by Maria Isabel Saavedra and produced by Jose Luis Pagan. The Yolandita new single “Mala”, was released on October 6, 2008 on national radio.

Mala (1941 film)

'Mala ' is a Bollywood drama film. It was released in 1941. It was directed by Balwant Bhatt and had Rose, P. Jairaj and Jayant in pivotal roles.

Mala (2013 film)

Mala is a 2013 Argentine crime film directed by Adrián Caetano and starring Ana Celentano, Brenda Gandini, Florencia Raggi, Juana Viale, Julián Krakov, Liz Solari, María Duplaá and Rafael Ferro The plot revolves around Rosario, an assassin who only kills men who mistreat or abuse women.

Mala (Devendra Banhart album)

Mala is the eighth studio album by folk-rock musician Devendra Banhart, released on March 12, 2013 on Nonesuch Records. The album was produced by Banhart and Noah Georgeson, and mastered by Greg Calbi.

Usage examples of "mala".

Disse isso e comecei a ajudar um empregado da casa e muito meu amigo, o Josias, a retirar as malas do carro.

Mala Fortuna solo knows what he managed to get out of him before Neep and Cleep pushed in beside them and shut the dribble down.

Audax Iapeti genus Ignem fraude mala gentibus intulit: Post ignem aetheria domo Subductum, macies et nova febrium Terris incubuit cohors, Semotique prius tarda necessitas Lethi corripuit gradum.

Deitou-me na cama, deixou a luz apagada e foi buscar no outro quarto as minhas malas.

Audax Iapeti genus Ignem fraude mala gentibus intulit: Post ignem aetheria domo Subductum, macies et nova febrium Terris incubuit cohors, Semotique prius tarda necessitas Lethi corripuit gradum.

Tatziu vestiu uma bermuda limpa e a camisa mais colorida que encontrou na mala.

Et tuquoque frater meus facta mala quod fecisti Denique confundit Deus omnes res quas tetegisti.

Miss Bieber, aka Mala Babra, was described as five ten, 140 pounds, red hair, green eyes.

Non puoi passare tutta la vita a far finta di essere malata solo perché hai paura.

Hugo Ingermann is still a bona fide attorney, but he's mala fide in all the courts on Zarathustra-no longer admitted to practice before them.

Not even the miners were stirring out from their berths with the orehaulers and those were snugged into orbit about Mala or Kilaunan.