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Majo (masc.) or maja (fem.), also manolo and manola, after the most popular names, were terms for people from the lower classes of Spanish society, especially in Madrid, who distinguished themselves by their elaborate outfits and sense of style in dress and manners, as well as by their cheeky behavior. They flourished from the late 18th to early 19th century, and to some extent later. Majos and majas were one of the favorite subjects of some 19th-century Spanish painters.

The majos and majas outfits were exaggerations of traditional Spanish dress. The style stood in strong contrast to the French styles affected by many of the Spanish elite under the influence of the Enlightenment. Majos were known to pick fights with those they saw as afrancesados ("Frenchified" – fops).

In Spanish, the word possesses derived forms such as chulapo and chulapa, a version of chulo and chula in reference to their saucy attitude, as well as chispero and chispera, among others.

Majo (disambiguation)

A majo is a male member of the lower class of Spanish society in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Majo may also refer to:

  • ×Canmea 'Majo', an intergeneric hybrid cultivar of the nothogenus xCanmea in the Bromeliad family

Usage examples of "majo".

She was accustomed to the friendly Majo, the slight salesman who usually staffed the store.

He had never spoken her name, but had thought of her as Danith since Majo told him of her.

The French Corps took Monte Majo, and General Juin pushed his motorised division swiftly up the river Garigliano to capture San Ambrogio and San Apollinare, thus clearing all the west bank of the river.

I want to thank Majo, Sylvester Pollet, and Nancy Wallace for suffering through early versions of the book and for offering useful suggestions.

A stock of shovels, mattocks, and pick-axes was brought from the gourbi, and with Ben Zoof as overseer, both Spanish majos and Russian sailors set to work with a will.