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Malu (disambiguation)

Malu is a type of Samoan tattoo.

Malu can also refer to:

  • Malu, Nepal
  • Malu, Giurgiu, a commune in Giurgiu County, Romania
  • Malu Town, district of Shanghai, China
  • Malu, a village in Bârla Commune, Argeş County, Romania
  • Malu, a village in Godeni Commune, Argeş County, Romania
  • Malu, a village in Sfântu Gheorghe Commune, Ialomiţa County, Romania
  • Malu, a village in Stoilești Commune, Vâlcea County, Romania
  • Malú (born 1982), Spanish singer
  • Malu Station, a metro station on Shanghai Metro Line 11

Malú (María Lucía Sánchez Benítez) born in 1982 is a Spanish singer. The Madrid-born singer is the niece of the famous flamenco composer and guitarist Paco de Lucía and is known for songs such as "Aprendiz", "Como Una Flor", "Toda", "Diles", "Si Estoy Loca" and "No Voy a Cambiar"


Malu is a word in the Samoan language for a female-specific tattoo of cultural significance. The malu covers the legs from just below the knee to the upper thighs just below the buttocks, and is typically finer and delicate in design compared to the pe'a, the equivalent tattoo for males. The malu takes its name from a particular motif of the same name, usually tattooed in the popliteal fossa (sometimes referred to as he kneepit, or poplit) behind the knee. It is one of the key motifs not seen on men. According to Samoan scholar Albert Wendt and tattooist Su'a Suluape Paulo II, in tattooing the term ‘malu’ refers to notions of sheltering and protection. Samoan women were also tattooed on the hands and sometimes the lower abdomen. These practices have undergone a resurgence since the late 1990s.